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BTS performs “Tiny Desk Home Concert”

NPR has started a series called “Tiny Desk Home Concerts.” The idea is to have popular artists come in and sing a few songs that are stripped down, with more focus on the vocals. The artists also unpack the process behind the creation of the song or the meaning of the lyrics. “Tiny Desk Home Concerts” are a great way to share an intimate experience with some of your favorite artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the more recent “Tiny Desk Home Concerts” was the popular K-pop group, BTS. BTS is short for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts in Korean. BTS is composed of seven male singers in their twenties. BTS is the first Korean group to perform a Tiny Desk Concert. BTS sang “Dynamite,” “Save Me” and “Spring Day” during the mini virtual concert.

“Dynamite,” BTS’s newest hit, is an all- english song that they say is a gift to their fans. The music group talks about how “Dynamite” was a harder song for them to record because it is all in English, but they were excited to do something special for their fans around the world. “Dynamite” was on the top of the Billboard Top 100 songs for two weeks in a row, which the members of BTS said they were surprised by, but so happy about.

The next song that was performed was “Save Me,” an older BTS song. The members of BTS commented that they had not sung “Save Me” in so long because it was from one of their first albums, but mentioned that it brought them back to the memories of being on tour. The final song in the Tiny Desk Home Concert was “Spring Day.” “Spring Day” was a great touch for the final song because the lyrics are about missing your friends. BTS members said that they know times are tough for their fans right now due to the global pandemic. In Korean culture, winter months are known for being sad and spring months symbolize the beginning of better and happier times.

While BTS was not the beginning of the K-pop craze across the world, they are attributed for integrating K-pop into society and are one of the biggest faces of K-pop at the moment. BTS has repeatedly topped music charts with new music releases. Their fan base, called “Army,” can be seen across the globe. Kennedy Cox, a BTS fan, explains why she is a loyal fan, “You can tell how much they care about their fan base. They are always giving us content and connecting with their fans. They write their own songs, and their songs are really meaningful. The members openly talk about their problems, which a lot of big artists don’t do.”

Post Author: Maggy Crawford