Campus Security elaborates on Crime and Safety Report

Q: What’s up with that murder/homicide in 2014?

A: The homicide was reported as a child abuse case that occurred on Sept. 11, 2014, at Brown Village. The victim, a 2-month-old boy, died the next day at the hospital. The suspect was the boy’s father and a TU student. He was arrested and charged with child abuse murder.

Q: What’s with the sharp increase in alcohol and drug referrals for arrest from 2014 to 2015?

A: There was an increase in referrals from 2014 to 2015. On-campus referrals for alcohol violations increased from 52 in 2014 to 82 in 2015, and referrals for drug violations increased from 27 in 2014 to 43 in 2015. The largest increase in on-campus referrals came from Housing, which accounted for 78 of the alcohol violations and 33 of the drug violations. The reason for the increase might be better answered by someone in Housing.

Note: Arrests differ from referrals. When an arrest is made, the person is charged with a criminal offense; referrals are handled through the university and do not result in a criminal record.

Q: Are there further statistics about the increase in larcenies in 2015?

A: Most of our larceny-type crime is student-on-student (generally petty items). The increase in overall larcenies this year was a rise in bike thefts, which for the most part is committed by outsiders coming on to the campus and stealing from the apartment bike racks.

Q: Motor Vehicle Theft more than doubled from 2014 to 2015, is there more information to go with that?

A: During 2015, we experienced an increase of eight motor vehicle thefts over 2014. Of those eight, two were university-owned golf carts, and two were unlicensed motorcycles or moped-type vehicles. The remaining were motor vehicles (cars/trucks) that were taken from the apartment complex parking lots on the northwest corner of campus, Norman Village and University Square West Apartments.

Q: There were no fires anywhere on campus in 2015, is that typical?

A:We are only required to report fires that occur in university-owned student housing. Typically we have very few reported fires in these facilities, and when we do they are very minor thanks to the fire suppression systems. The primary cause is unattended cooking left on the stove, followed by careless disposal of smoking material.

Fire statistics in Housing facilities:
· 2015: 0
· 2014: 4
· 2013: 2
· 2012: 3
· 2011: 1

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