The protests started in February but have escalated since. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Hong-Kong protests against governmental authoritarianism

The extradition bill was written to counter a heinous crime; its other intentions are less admirable. On Feb. 2, 2019, while TU students returned from vacations and made their way into the groove of the spring semester, the city of Hong Kong erupted into chaos over a new extradition bill entering their legislative body. This […]

Dorian hit the Bahamas while it was still a Category 5 storm. courtesy Navy Live

Trump’s antics during Dorian a reminder of larger problems

The bickering between weather services should worry us when other disasters occur. It all began on Sunday, Sept.1 when Donald Trump went on Twitter to warn the American audience about Hurricane Dorian. In his tweet, the president wrote: “In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, will most likely be hit […]

Though Biden leads the race, other candidates have made surges. graphic by Emma Palmer

2020 Democratic Primary has three major contenders

Sanders has raised the most money, but Warren’s chances of winning the primary are better. I get it: you’re in college and don’t have time to figure out voter registration and absentee ballots, much less read 500 articles to decide on your favorite candidate in the crowded Democratic field. Lucky for you I’ve written a […]

Out of Order: Disability and visibility

Disability is largely invisible. It’s not in our media. It’s not in our conversation. And, often, the disability itself is invisible. With so little media representation, you would think that disabled people are a small minority. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Numbers vary, with the Census Bureau saying around 19 percent of the population […]

The app provides many features already served by student IDs. courtesy Involvio

ConnectTU app connects with my phone’s trashcan

Doubts of security and abused functionality make SA’s ConnectTU a no go. As freshmen this year have learned, TU really does have an app for that. First, it was the orientation app that told students the orientation schedule (because apparently freshmen can’t be trusted to keep track of a paper schedule?). Now, the app-centric way […]

President Bolsonaro’s enviromental policies have contributed to the fires. courtesy Wikipedia

As the Amazon burns, politicians bicker

The worldwide enviromental impact of these fires cannot be overstated. The Amazon — the “lungs of the world,” a rainforest spanning eight countries, the vegetation that accounts for 20 percent of the earth’s oxygen — blazes as around 50,000 fires release the trees’ carbon stores. Smoke from the fires has blackened several cities, including the […]

Frederiksen is the leader of Denmark’s Social Democractic Party. courtesy Flickr

Greenland out of Trump’s reach, not America’s

Greenland would be a financial loss as well as a political conundrum that the US isn’t ready for. According to a story released by the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 16, President Trump has inquired about potentially purchasing Greenland from Denmark. Following this story, Trump administration officials were forced to either double down or dismiss […]

Lines at both stores have been abnormally long. courtesy Popeyes offficial Twitter

Fast food companies profiteering off “Sandwich War”

The conversation surrounding the social media feud has rarely been substantive. One of the general ideas behind the free market is that competition is good for the consumer, and this is arguably true when competition drives prices down and makes products more affordable and accessible. Price-matching, for example, is a recent extension of this phenomenon, […]