Farewell letter: Bella Musollino

In just a few more hours, I will finally have my Sundays back. Just a year ago, I was roped into becoming the Commentary Editor for The Collegian. I guess I was too good at my job because not long after, Shelby (Editor-in-TimeThief) tricked me into becoming the Managing Editor against my will. My Sundays […]

Farewell letter: Jeana Brewer

I have not worked at The Collegian for very long. It was only because of Shelby Hiens, our Editor-in-Chief, that I joined. I remember sitting in the Union as she gave her speech as to why I should join The Collegian as the new Commentary Editor, and honestly as a broke college student I was […]

Farewell letter: Peighton Johnson

As the end of my final semester at The University of Tulsa creeps up, I am realizing how truly odd it is to be writing a farewell letter for The Collegian. For three years, I resisted the peer pressure to join the student newspaper, if only for the sake of the joke. Well everybody, they […]

School shooter’s parents sentenced to prison

After repeated inaction from the Crumbleys, prosecutors argue fault lies with the whole family. The parents of a 17-year-old school shooter have been sentenced to at least 10 years in prison. Last Tuesday, a crowded courtroom listened to Judge Cheryl Matthews as she sentenced Jennifer and James Crumbley. “These convictions are not about poor parenting,” […]

TU students build plane ‘Los Cielos’

The aircraft took to the skies in Van Nuys, California this weekend. Senior mechanical engineers Keri Sharp, Ethan Smith, Kellen Moreland, Blake Emerson-Price, Jessica Dunway, Ramona Naghi and Vincent Nwagwu Ume-Ezeoke designed and worked hard to complete their senior mechanical engineering project. They are traveling alongside Julia Lorenz, Tim Rutledge and Kaidon Mauricio, who are […]

White nationalist council member ousted

Narrowly voted into office, Enid residents fought to recall Judd Blevins. Narrowly winning a city council election in February 2023, Judd Blevins became a city council member for Enid, Oklahoma. The city of around 50,000 residents elected him by a mere 36 vote difference. Blevins, a US veteran of Iraq and owner of a roofing […]

Devastating bridge collapse

The bridge plummeted into freezing dark water late into the night. The third largest bridge in Maryland, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, with a length of 8,635 ft, suffered a catastrophic failure when struck by a 984-foot container ship called Dali. This tragedy has left the city of Baltimore and the nation in shock, prompting […]

TU consolidates residents to apartments

TU faces backlash amidst housing consolidation. Before spring break, students were notified that all dorm spaces would be allocated for incoming freshmen for the upcoming academic year. Campus Services emailed current students on March 15 to notify them of the change in housing policy. The email stated that TU would “need all students to fill […]

Terror in Russia

The attack has led to a flurry of accusations, but the only ones hurt are the citizens. A meticulously planned terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall in Russia has become the most devastating in Russia’s recent history. The tragedy unfolded on the evening of March 22 at the renowned concert venue when armed assailants […]

Alabama makes unprecedented ruling

The decision may have concerning repercussions. The Alabama Supreme Court declared that embryos created through in vitro fertilization are considered children on Feb. 16. The decision was issued after wrongful death cases were brought by three couples who’s frozen embryos were destroyed at a fertility clinic operated by the Center for Reproductive Medicine, P.C. Between […]