Tornadoes roll through the state, cause widespread damage and injuries.

Seven tornadoes tore through a handful of Oklahoma towns, including Norman. Storms from the Texas panhandle wreaked havoc on Norman, OK, causing significant damage to approximately 80 homes this past week. Wind gusts of nearly 90 mph accompanied the tornado, making the series of tornadoes that touched down in Norman all the more dangerous. Norman […]

United Nations agrees on historic treaty to protect the oceans

A decade of talks held by the United Nations has finally led to a treaty designed to protect the biodiversity of the high seas from human impact. For over a decade, the United Nations has been trying to work out the language for a treaty that would protect the high seas from overfishing and negative […]

Bard, Google’s competition to ChatGPT, fails to meet demands

The new AI service has been documented sharing incorrect information and pictures. Google’s recent introduction of the “ChatGPT Killer” Bard, an AI service nearly identical to ChatGPT, was seen failing in a test of capability. On Monday, Feb. 6, Google revealed this service, and in its first public test, Bard was shown giving an incorrect […]

Dean Griffin overrides Christian Legal Society charter rejection

Disclaimer: This article was updated on Thurs. Mar. 2, 2023 The Christian Legal Society charter was rejected by the Student Bar Association on the basis of discriminatory policies. Student Bar Association (SBA) Delegates Morgan Hinds and Eugene Flynn attempted to charter a local chapter of the Christian Legal Society (CLS) on Nov. 13, 2022. This […]

Governing parties largely ignoring protests in Peru

Protest in Peru looms towards stalemate as Peruvian leaders continue to ignore calls for change from their rural and Indigenous population. Peruvian President Pedro Castillo attempted to seize full political control of Peru by decree, and the legislative, judiciary and military levels of government rejected him in December of last year. As a result, for […]

Munich security conference dominated by Ukraine war

The Munich Security Conference is historically a place for countries to meet and discuss events, but this year the looming topic is the state of Ukraine. The Munich Security conference met this weekend and included dozens of heads of state, generals, intelligence chiefs and top diplomats from countries all around the world, the United States […]

ChatGPT and the impacts on academia

The new AI software has begun to solve problems as some students consider its potential in completing assignments for them. ChatGPT is a software that has taken college campuses by storm. This software helps students write code, come up with fake stories and even does their assignments for them with enough manipulation of the service. […]

Proposed faculty raise system ignites controversy

TU administration has proposed installing a merit-based system for faculty raises, but many professors find the timing of the initiative tone-deaf. The University of Tulsa administration is currently working to shift faculty pay raises to a merit-based system, as opposed to a years-worked or seniority system. The new method of granting raises would operate based […]

Inside the minds of your Student Association executive candidates

This year contains a tightly contested race for the presidential office, while all other offices remain uncontested. As Student Association elections approach, the candidates for the executive officer positions were contacted for an interview via email. This semester, only the presidential office is contested, while the candidates running for vice president, treasurer and secretary remain […]

Oklahoma lawmakers seeking to change voting initiatives

With the presidential elections around the corner, Oklahoma lawmakers seek to change some of the election and ballot initiatives. The 2024 presidential election cycle is on the horizon, and Oklahoma lawmakers are seeking to change the voting process through more than 90 proposed election and ballot initiatives. Roughly one-fifth of the bills proposed are shell […]