Farewell letters from the Collegian’s senior staff

The seniors say farewell. Julianne Tran When I first started writing for The Collegian, we had just returned from a semester cut short by the pandemic. I remember sitting in my dark, first floor apartment wondering what the supposed “new normal” was going to look like amid COVID regulations that restricted most interactions and organic […]

The scam reportedly began in February 2020. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Fake Secret Service agents infiltrate government

Two men impersonated Secret Service agents for over two years, fooling government officials and law enforcement. At the beginning of this month, Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali were arrested for impersonating officers of the Department of Homeland Security. Taherzadeh and Ali kept up their charade for over two years and — according to the Justice […]

David Sanger is a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and is widely known for his investigative work. courtesy utulsa.edu

David E. Sanger gives presidential lecture

The New York Times writer discussed cyber warfare and geopolitics. Last Tuesday, April 12, David E. Sanger gave a public talk in TU’s Reynolds Center as part of the Presidential Lecture Series. Sanger is the chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times and the author of “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in […]

The administrative aspect of True Commitment

Dr. Gerard Clancy and Janet Levit were the foremost faces behind refashioning TU, but the story extends before and after April 11th. In 2017, the University of Tulsa selected Gerard Clancy as its next president. Clancy’s initial role in Tulsa was as the president of OU-Tulsa, working specifically with increasing the campus’s community engagement programs. […]

Chapman Hall is home to the Kendall College of Arts and Sciences. photo by Julianne Tran

Humanities professors express despair, cautiously optimistic

Drs. Arnold, Hockett and Prudlo reflect on their experience with True Commitment and the aftermath that followed. April 11th was a fateful day for professors in the College of Arts and Sciences. The provost announced the restructuring plan to professors in a meeting where some left deeply distraught, others leaving in tears. On the second […]

The language offices are currently housed in Oliphant Hall. photo by Justin Klopfer

Language programs during and after True Commitment

Several language majors and minors are no longer offered at TU, though hopes remain high for rebuilding. The original True Commitment plan eliminated about half of the language programs at TU. B.A.s for Chinese and Russian studies were to be cut, as well as minors in Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek and linguistics. Together, these cuts […]

Students congregated in Kendall Hall to discuss the value of liberal arts. photo by Ethan Veenker

Fervent student backlash recounted

A student-led grassroots organization fought back against program cuts using chalk and democracy. As soon as TU’s administration released the True Commitment mission statement, faculty, alumni and students immediately resisted this planned restructuring of the university. Community backlash continued for months following the announcement. From passionate outcries at student protests to chalk demanding resignations, the […]

Images in this article are from "The Academic Strategy for the Univeristy of Tulsa Based upon the Provost's Program Review Committee Reccomendations 2018-2019. courtesy University of Tulsa, retrieved through TUplan.org

What exactly was True Commitment?

The plan sought to consolidate many programs while eliminating ones that were underperforming. The graduating seniors at the University of Tulsa and some students from the following classes will remember the bold restructuring plan that the university first proposed in 2019 known as True Commitment. Many look back on this proposal with anger, but amongst […]

The teachers achieved a salary increase and more funding for student mental health. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Minnesota teacher strike ends

The teachers striking in Minneapolis follow a long trend of educators unionizing against school boards to acquire higher pay and more resources for students. On March 8, teachers in the town of Minneapolis, Minnesota failed to show up to their classrooms. With reasons cited ranging from poor pay, low diversity, virtually nonexistent personal protective equipment […]

Microplastic particles have been found in baby feces at 10 times a higher rate than adults due to plastic feeding bottles. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Plastic particles found in human bloodstream

Research from the Netherlands suggests microplastic particles are absorbed into the bloodstream upon exposure. In March, the first academic research was published in Environment International on the detection of microplastics in human bloodstreams. According to Dr. Heather A. Leslie and other researchers, there has been no development of a human health risk assessment (HRA) for […]