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Tulsa navigates COVID in Spring Semester

The University of Tulsa has been offering on-campus COVID-19 testing since the beginning of the school year. Students have been getting emails from the Alexander Health Center and have been required to go get tested with IMMY Labs; however, due to reduced funding in the most recent stimulus package, IMMY Labs had to reduce the […]

Vaccines in Oklahoma are set to be distributed in four phases; individuals in phase 2 are currently eligible to recieve the vaccine. graphic by Emma Palmer

COVID-19 vaccine safe, distribution disorganized

Since becoming available mid-December, more than 19 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered throughout the country. The New York Times reports that about 16.2 million people have received one dose and an additional 2.8 million are fully vaccinated. This includes the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, both of which are mRNA vaccines administered […]


Archaeologists find evidence of mass grave in Oaklawn Cemetery

After more than two years of searching for graves associated with the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, archaeologists recently found outlines of 10 coffins that might help the city more wholly understand the events of the massacre. Archaeological inquiry in Oaklawn Cemetery that revealed these coffins followed the oral history accounts of the massacre. Oral history […]

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TU continues to mitigate COVID-19 cases

The University of Tulsa lists on their website that there are currently nine active cases of COVID-19, eight of which are students and one a staff member. There are 17 students in quarantine, which the university explains is enforced for students that have not tested positive and do not have symptoms, but have come in […]

Bolivians hope newly elected government can shed old corruption

The Bolivian election results are back, and Luis Arce Catacora, the leader of the socialist el MAS party, will be the president of Bolivia until 2025. Evo Morales, the past president, changed the constitution to allow the president to serve 5-year terms. Morales had already served the allotted two terms, and wanted to run again. […]

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SA Innovatively Adapts 2020 Homecoming Week

While most on campus events have been canceled or moved online due to COVID-19 safety precautions, The University of Tulsa’s Student Association (SA) still hosted Homecoming 2020 in-person this year, though it was in a reduced fashion from past years. The main planner behind all of this was Caroline Williams, Student Association’s Executive Director of […]

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President Trump contracts COVID-19

A week after President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, the public is still processing the news. Though Walter Reed hospital described the president’s condition as “a mild cough” the Saturday following his diagnosis announcement, a White House official commented that same day to pool reporters that “the president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning […]