Oklahoma school teacher resigns after being forced to censor her library

Summer Boismier faces backlash from the State of Oklahoma Education Secretary over banned books. Since 2021, dozens of bills have been passed throughout the United States regarding what one can and cannot teach in the classroom. Oklahoma recently became one of these many states with the passing of HB 1775. This anti-critical race theory bill […]

Meet The Collegian Team this year

Name: Zach Short Position at The Collegian: Editor-in-Chief Major(s): Political science and English Hometown: Springfield, MO Other clubs/organizations: Might crash either the Spanish or the French club again, SA dropout Last book you read: “Swann’s Way” by Marcel Proust Karaoke weapon of choice: “Whiskey Bent and Hellbound” by Hank Williams Jr. Movie you’ll defend to […]

Local dining for when you need a break from Pat Case and the union

Now, if you want fast food that you can walk to, 11th street has the core college food staples – pizza, tacos, burgers, etc. But if you would like to venture outside of what TU has to offer and try something new, here’s a list of local eateries that you won’t regret. Mother Road Market […]

Perks to take advantage of as a student at the University of Tulsa

Let’s be candid. For the next four years, you’ve officially earned the title of “broke college student.” Money can be tight sometimes but that shouldn’t mean you’re unable to have fun. In fact, as a student here at the University of Tulsa, you receive certain perks from the university itself and local businesses. Starting with […]

Top Five Places to See in Tulsa

There’s no doubt the TU campus is beautiful and filled with fun activities throughout the week, but sometimes we all want some time away. Whether you’re living on campus or are a commuter, there are plenty of fun things to do around Tulsa that allow students to step away from the textbooks and enjoy the […]

A guide to eating on campus at The University of Tulsa

9. Chick-fil-A You know damn good and well why this is here and why I’m telling you not to eat here. 8. Subway I know what you’re thinking: “you made the sandwich,” but hear me out on this one. It’s a limited menu, so last I was there wraps were an impossibility, as was the […]

Things I wish I knew as a freshman

As the Oklahoma heat slowly begins to subside (maybe) and we settle into the routines of a new year, I have been reflecting on the person I was three years ago when I became a freshman at the University of Tulsa. Despite initially feeling afraid and unsure, I was quickly swept up in the joys […]

Beyond Pat Case and ACSU: Free Meals on the TU Campus

If you’re a commuter, an upperclassman without a meal plan or anyone simply tired of the Caf, we have good news for you: you can find a free lunch on campus every day of the school week, and all you have to do is show up. Not only do free meals on campus help you […]

Farewell letters from the Collegian’s senior staff

The seniors say farewell. Julianne Tran When I first started writing for The Collegian, we had just returned from a semester cut short by the pandemic. I remember sitting in my dark, first floor apartment wondering what the supposed “new normal” was going to look like amid COVID regulations that restricted most interactions and organic […]

The scam reportedly began in February 2020. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Fake Secret Service agents infiltrate government

Two men impersonated Secret Service agents for over two years, fooling government officials and law enforcement. At the beginning of this month, Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali were arrested for impersonating officers of the Department of Homeland Security. Taherzadeh and Ali kept up their charade for over two years and — according to the Justice […]