NCAA championship

Last Monday, the 2021 Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship game took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. This game was the culmination of an uncertain season that many people thought would not even happen. Because the season did happen, it showed that despite many changes that took place to have this season, it was still able to be […]

Oklahoma baseball allegiance

Oklahoma is a state that is unique and strangely situated in terms of fanbase for professional sports. In particular, there is quite a bit of division over the following of Major League Baseball. This should be expected, as we are a state with no professional baseball team, but it is interesting how segregated that Oklahoma […]

courtesy MLB Twitter

Major League Baseball has finally come back

On Thursday of this past week, the 2021 MLB season began. After a long winter, baseball is now back. While the original plan was for all 30 teams to play on opening day, this did not happen due to several reasons. The opening game in the series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red […]

Rough week for all leaves little movement in NBA top 5

5. Los Angeles Clippers No team faced elimination from the power rankings quite like the Clippers did this week. While the fact remains that no top option performed quite at the level hoped, Los Angeles underperformed against two teams they desperately needed to beat. First, their loss against the Magic should embarrass them. Flukes happen […]

NBA injury update

The NBA has had a tremendous setback when it comes to injuries. There have been six big injuries that have slowed some of the best squads in the NBA in recent games, and five out of the six were contenders for MVP. Saturday, March 20, when the Lakers played the Hawks, LeBron James had to […]

March Madness: biggest upsets

March Madness is here and games have started. There have been great games and even greater upsets. This is only the beginning though, as the first two rounds have ended, and the sweet 16 and elite eight just started this past weekend. One big upset that happened was number 15 ORU, the local contender, defeating […]