Emos endure TikTok e-boy invasion

A factionalized emo group is tested by a new age of alt kids. Located in Nebraska, the Cult of Unbelievers inspires a dwindling punk pop, self-proclaimed emo fanbase with a simple message: we’ll carry on. Members are clad in Hot Topic band merchandise with striped long-sleeves and chipped black nails. It’s a union, the group […]

Up from the witch’s brew came the Golden Hurricane. graphic by Emma Palmer

Where has all the money gone?

The answer might surprise you. On Wednesday, Oct. 16, economics professor Dr. Matthew Hendricks gave a presentation comparing TU’s allocation of funds to that of other colleges and universities. Many students I have talked to have praised Hendricks for his great use of graphs and straightforward explanation of our money usage. One student even said, […]

Four laws that weren’t voted in last week

How could our legislators leave out such robust additions? Ah yes, my favorite time of year! Oklahoma’s law changes are now in effect. More than 300 big ones are out there now, some of which allow permitless carry, place limits on opioid pills and let minors into liquor stores. All very fun, very fresh. Since […]

The perfect pairing guide for your drunken late nights and hungover budget brunches. graphic by Emma Palmer

The ultimate fast food pairing guide

College kid tested, reader approved. As the semester is wine-ing down, the drinking is intensifying, and for that reason, I have created some suggestions as to which fast food you should pair with that bad life decision for the night. These recommended pairings come from some experience, and if you want to truly enjoy and […]

I’m not compensating for the size of my dick, I swear

Interview with “truck bro” goes horribly wrong. This week in “Strange Strangers found on the Vegas Strip,” I found a college student who seemed to be a little to into polishing his truck. The following are his gushings about said truck, so strap in because you’re in for quite a ride. “Yo wassup my bromies, […]

Pssh, who said it was difficult to get students to come to RA events? graphic by Sarah Le

Resident Assistant bravely disposes of confiscated alcohol and you’re all invited!

“I gotta get rid of all this contraband somehow! Come help me out!” As an RA, one of my many magisterial duties to ensure my residents are keeping their rooms free of sin. On my room check rounds, I routinely purge dorms of toasters, 20.5-gallon fish tanks and other contraband. Despite the fact that I’m […]