Chemicals from Space?

Are aliens the root of all our problems? The sudden appearance of a so-called “weather balloon” being shot down has sparked debate about if that balloon was indeed a balloon or some form of extraterrestrial being that has now created a chemical spill in Western Ohio. With public officials urging the locals who have private […]

Why I am pro recreational marijuana

Here are the top ten reasons to make weed legal on Tuesday, March 7. Visit to locate your polling location. It makes the show “Velma” 12% more tolerable. It’s still miserable, but try it sober. You’ll put your fist through the TV before you can say “ruh-roh.” It is a win for gummy bear […]

Law School updates stance on the gays

TU Law School to replace outdated “Don’t Say Gay” by law with new “Don’t Be Gay” policy. Tulsa, OK – The University of Tulsa College of Law has come under fire for its recent change in by-laws on the issue of whether it is possible for gays to be lawyers. Dean Oren Griffin answers this […]

Mental Health issues? Best we can do is Pizza

Conscientious campus offers free Pizza as mental health assistance ‘Tis the season once again for students to begin experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. This is due to many factors: midterms, SAD, fluctuating weather, what am I gonna do after I graduate, etc. College students suffer many afflictions and the benevolent TU administration wants to remedy […]

Horoscopes 2/6/2023 – 2/11/2023

A leo full moon and Mercury crosses Pluto this week! Aries, as the moon comes out of leo on the 6th you might feel drained. You have moved from the very compatible energy of leo into a virgo moon that requires a lot more patience and calculation than you are comfortable with. Do not lose […]

TU starts philanthropic initiative with The Human Fund

Through a new fee required for attendance, TU plans to give back. As part of the university’s philanthropic endeavors, The University of Tulsa has partnered with the charity The Human Fund. The organization, whose tagline “money for people” captures their vision perfectly, promises to offer real change for people in a concrete manner, not relying […]

Breaking B(r)ad

An account of the breaking of the Guinness World Record for biggest pizza party by someone who has only heard about it A few weeks ago, a monumental event occurred at the University of Tulsa. Campi all over are still gushing about it (finally we have a reason for other cool college kiddos to be […]

Oral Roberts returns from the grave amidst plague of locusts

Behold! He is returned. The trumpets hath sounded! Tulsa, OK—We’ve experienced some hectic weather these past couple of weeks, from chilly 20s to comforting 60s, and although not quite the snow that many of us were hoping for, we have experienced a fun meteorological phenomenon instead: Oral Roberts, renowned televangelist and founder of Oral Roberts […]

Trust me, I love Jeff Bezos

To all future employers: please read this instead of my resume. As the satire editor for the Collegian, I have begun to worry that my future employers will search my name and find a picture of Kevin Stitt smoking a blunt. That might turn off potential job opportunities such as the narcotics division of the […]