This year’s box office sales are down 80 percent from pre-pandemic times. courtesy Piqsels

Movie theaters are dying, slowly but surely

Movie theaters have been on the decline for a long time, and people are just now starting to take notice. Going to the movies is one of America’s long standing traditions. It’s a trademark date scene, the perfect choice for a short family getaway or the only pastime you can find to spend your lonely […]

“Immigrantly” is hosted and produced by Saadia Khan. courtesy Immigrantly Podcast LLC

Listen to candid immigrant conversations in “Immigrantly”

A podcast about immigrant experiences, “Immigrantly” offers new perspectives and personal stories. “Immigrantly” has been on my regular rotation of podcasts lately and it never fails to educate and inspire me. The producer and host of the podcast, Saadia Khan, works alongside seven other women of color to create a series that is packed with […]

“Squid Game” was filmed in Daejeon, South Korea. Courtesy Netflix

“Squid Game” warrants all the praise

The highly popular Korean drama, “Squid Game,” contains biting social commentary and enticing content. If you’ve been on any form of social media within the last week, then I’m sure you’ve seen memes or even scenes from Netflix’s highly popular Korean drama, “Squid Game.” The television show follows a man named Seong Gi-hun who is […]

Mix up your study routine and study outside by the library. courtesy Flickr

Positive differences to survive midterms

Midterms are brutal, but with small changes, positive differences can be made not only to survive, but to thrive. Midterms are underway with a noticeable difference in our student body. Assigned a number of lab reports, essays and exams a week, sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to have anything in the schedule that doesn’t […]

TU offers classes in film studies, film scoring, music and media studies. courtesy Flickr

TU’s Fall Film Festival showcases talent and hard work of its students

Celebrating students and their work as directors, producers and composers, this film festival displays their creative talents. TU’s film department hosted its annual student film festival on Sept. 29, bringing together current and past students to celebrate their accomplishments. After being moved from its original location on Harwell Field due to the rain, the festival […]

Grace released this album on Sept. 22, 2021. courtesy Tiny Quiet Studio

“War with the SIlverfish” a quarantine EP

Deck: In her EP “War with the Silverfish,” Laura Jane Grace delivers songs that encapsulate the emotions of living under a worldwide pandemic. For the second year in a row, Laura Jane Grace has shocked her fans with a surprise music release. Her newest EP, “War With the Silverfish,” takes its name from the silverfish […]

The Zane Lowe Interview Series perfect for music lovers

Interviewing artists on their lives and creative processes, this podcast consists of genuine conversations and therapeutic moments. The Zane Lowe Interview Series is a must listen for lovers of popular music. This podcast, which is from Apple Music, features new episodes weekly where Lowe interviews a variety of some of the world’s biggest musical artists, […]