Celtic music at LPC Thursday

For those who love the movie “Braveheart” or the musical group Celtic Women, they’ll love this coming Concerts with Commentary.

The program, entitled “Songs of Life and Love,” will be performed by the group Vintage Wildflowers on Thursday, February 12th at 7:30 p.m. at Lorton Performance Center.

Abby Bozarth on fiddle, Dana Fitzgerald Maher on Celtic harp and Audrey Schmidt with vocals will be gracing the TU campus with their performance of Irish, Scottish and Appalachian traditional music.

Dana Maher, Celtic harpist and accompanying vocalist, said “Celtic music offers a window into life in a different time and place. (It) is great fun to listen to, but also a rewarding experience if you’re interested in learning about (the) history and culture.”

Maher also mentioned that Celtic music is known for being “up-tempo and lots of fun, both for the musicians and the audience.”

There will be several sets, each covering broad subjects for the audience and personal ones for the musicians.

The event is likened as very informal, really a “gathering of friends” to celebrate the ancestral roots of Bluegrass and other Appalachian tunes.

Bluegrass, developed from Celtic music, is popular in Oklahoma these days. Maher explained that the “connection between bluegrass and Celtic is more direct…than many people realize.”

If the audience only enjoys one thing about the performance, Dana Maher claims it’ll be that the music is “free, and free is always good, especially for college students.”

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