Chemicals from Space?

Are aliens the root of all our problems?

The sudden appearance of a so-called “weather balloon” being shot down has sparked debate about if that balloon was indeed a balloon or some form of extraterrestrial being that has now created a chemical spill in Western Ohio.

With public officials urging the locals who have private wells to continue drinking bottled water, how can this disaster be ignored in a stream of information?

The locals of Ohio are confused as to how this could have happened, with many being concerned for their safety, the safety of their children and how this will affect the area going forward. If aliens from space have caused a chemical spill that will affect millions of people, the recent UFO sighting of a “weather balloon” is coincidental at best. This unidentified flying object just so happens to appear, and very soon after it does, this disaster happens along with it.

Chemical spills in Ohio, the Mississippi River being exposed and a spill in Texas can’t all be coincidental to the randomness of the supposed weather balloon recently spotted over the US. With the Pentagon recently releasing a selfie that a pilot took of the weather balloon as well, it seems most similar to damage control.

A random “balloon” appears, and days later there is a massive chemical spill in multiple places across the United States, this has to be more than a simple coincidence. An explanation for why this happened could be that the supposed “balloon” which can be better called an unidentified flying object, or UFO for short, is from space as it mystically appeared over the States. This explains how it went unnoticed for so long, as it was simply just there out of the blue. Government officials from China, the country to which blame for the balloon was pointed, even poked fun at our country raising more attention and concern to the balloon, over the chemicals that were seeping from the train derailment in Ohio.

These two events are connected; the potential for coincidence is off the charts. The best way to state this fact is that the balloon was used as a distraction for extraterrestrials to create a horrible biohazard. After further investigation into the idea, this makes the most sense, and it worked wonderfully. There was almost no coverage of the chemical spill, while the weather balloon was one of the most covered topics for multiple days on end.

Train derailment in East Palatine, Ohio, is what should be in the focus of this country, yet this UFO that flew over multiple states peacefully, might have wreaked havoc that could have unforeseen consequences, the likes of which have not been seen in the United States, and has not been the focus as the cause of the chemical spill. Our focus should shift from trying to find the culprit of who launched the balloon, to that it has happened and is done with, and realize that the issue of this balloon potentially causing this massive chemical spill that has leaked from Ohio into the Mississippi River needs to be a main cause for concern.

Post Author: Alex Soeder