Clinton got bigger piece of cake, claims Trump

At a debate after-party last Monday night, Donald Trump accused a caterer of serving Hillary Clinton a larger piece of cake than he was served, sources say.

A Trump staffer released a statement Tuesday morning, claiming that “the slice of cake that Mr. Trump was served was clearly smaller than the slice served to Mrs. Clinton. Even a cursory examination shows that her slice had not only more cake, but also more icing, which she knows is Mr. Trump’s favorite part of the cake.”

The Clinton campaign immediately issued a response. They claimed that Trump’s slice was equal to Clinton’s in size, and that he had requested a center slice, not a corner slice, as he claimed. “Hillary actually offered to switch plates with Mr. Trump, once he made this issue clear, but he refused, saying that she had ‘breathed on it’ and that it ‘probably had, like, cancer now,’ said a Clinton staffer on condition of anonymity.

Some have pointed to this incident as indicative of Trump’s lack of temperament. “In the debate, he kept complaining that Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz gave him less time than they gave Clinton,” said political science major Andrew Turrow. “This almost seems like the same thing.”

Others have said that this is just the latest in a series of offenses against Trump by the liberal mainstream media. “Trump keeps getting put down “Trump keeps getting put down by the mainstream,” said Howard Kahan, a noted conservative blogger. ”First, Hillary was given way more time on the debate, and she never has to sit in the middle seat on road trips. It’s totally unfair.”

Erroneous information on business deals has begun circulating around social media, purporting to connect the catering company that served the cake, St. Louis Food Services, to George Soros, a progressive business magnate. The company is actually owned by a German corporation.

As of press time, Cooper and Raddatz were considering instituting a policy where one candidate cuts the cake, and the other chooses a piece. The Trump campaign criticized the policy as being “dumb” and that “she would still get the bigger piece.”

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