Club Spotlight: TU Photo Club

Get to know the TU Photo Club with this interview with one of their presidents.

An interview with one of the Co-Presidents of the TU Photo Club, Kyra Ballard

What happens in the photo club?
“We bring in speakers, go on photo excursions, and have meetings where we can share our work as a group. We also occasionally have technical workshops where we teach members how to use editing software.”

What is the main purpose of the photo club?
“The main purpose is to gather people with the same love for photography and who can take pictures as a community. Our club members are both art majors and non-art majors because we want to include everybody that has a passion for photography!”

How can students get involved with the photo club?
Students can get involved by contacting me or they can DM us on Instagram @utulsaphotoclub. Once they’ve done that, I can add them to our club’s GroupMe.

When and how often does the photo club meet?
“This semester we are going to meet around twice a month, with the time depending on member feedback. We know that everybody in the club is also a full-time student, so we want to be able to have our meetings and excursions when it works the best with everyone in the club.”

What events/opportunities does the club offer?
“For our excursions we’ve gone to Downtown Tulsa, Oxley Nature Reserve, Philbrook Museum of Art and other places in the area. We also have gone to Kendall Whittier Elementary across from campus to share our passion with them. As far as opportunities go, the speakers that come in are an amazing way to network and to ask questions about what they do. In the past, exec members have also gotten to go to the Society for Photographic Education’s Annual Conference where they are able to have their portfolio professionally reviewed.”

What do students need to get started with the photo club?
“Anything you can take pictures with! You don’t need the newest Canon camera, just bring yourself and your phone to take pictures with. If you have a camera or any other equipment that you want to bring, you are welcome to.”

Why do you think someone should join the photo club?
“I think people should join photo club because it’s an opportunity to be able to take pictures and network with peers that have the same interest. I’m a photo emphasis art major, but sometimes I get tired of going and taking pictures by myself. Photo club gives me an outlet to take pictures with a group of people that enjoy doing the same thing.”

Are there any current students/alumni in the club who have had their photography published?
“Yes! Katie Norton, who is actually teaching in the Art department right now and used to be President of Photo Club during her time in undergrad, has had her photo projects published. Katherine and Caroline Karsten, the most recent former Co-Presidents of Photo Club, have had their work published in Stylus as well as been in shows like Gussman and TU Senior Show.”
Where can you be found on campus and online?
“We meet in Phillips Hall room 310 and you can find us on Instagram @utulsaphotoclub.”

Who can students contact with questions about the photo club?
“Students can contact me, Nathan Reed (, or Anna Lyon ( with questions about the club. Professor Farnum also oversees the club.”

Photos courtesy of the TU Photo Club.

Post Author: Mary Lickona