Collegian Senior Nikki Hager: What the Collegian has taught me

When I began my time at TU, I would never have guessed I would end up as the News Editor of the school’s newspaper. In fact, I never would have guessed I would so much as write an article for the paper.

What started out as one op-ed that got mistaken for a news article eventually led to a fire and passion for journalism.

The Collegian has given me a lot. It taught me how to write. It gave me a platform to voice my thoughts and opinions. It helped me develop my political beliefs and views. It gave me a new perspective on ethics.

Perhaps most importantly, I saw the Collegian make waves. Whether that was getting a university policy changed or getting the student body talking, we changed the conversation on campus. And that’s pretty cool.

I hope that I can take the skills I gained from my time at the Collegian into the real world.

This summer I’ll be interning in Washington DC for Run for America, an organization working to elect young, talented people to congress. As to what I’m doing after this summer…well I’m currently looking for a job. If anyone is interested in hiring an organized, hard-working, politically savvy young graduate with critical-thinking, communications and time management skills please feel free to contact me at or 913-671-0566.

Nikki Hager
Editorial Consultant

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