Concerts Adopt Social Distancing

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that COVID-19 took this year. It took the highly anticipated movies, graduation ceremonies, concerts and other crowded events. For the past few months, we’ve been staying indoors, asking ourselves if there was anything exciting and new to do within what is being considered the “new normal.” It feels like there’s been a dark cloud hanging over us all. Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to what’s been going on: the UK is hosting its first socially distant concert series.
The lineup is diverse, catering to the music lovers of today and the past, one of them being Van Morrison, known for his hit song “Brown Eyed Girl.” Aside from music, there is also a strong list of comedians in the series, such as Bill Bailey and Jimmy Carr.

Concert-goers are placed in groups of up to five people within their own box, with each box kept at a good distance apart. While this is happening, guards are there to ensure everyone is following suit and staying in their parameters. Though there are certain restrictions, the concert series is to prove that people can still have a great time and keep spirits up.

This is not the only big concert event going on, however. There are other music events happening as well in the UK — both in person at a safe social distance and virtually — in order to avoid postponement or any cancellations. As it has been happening for the past few months, many of these artists are also live-streaming events for fans to watch in the comfort of their home, and possibly even watch more than once, helping them relive the moment as many times as they want.

With the constant updates on COVID-19 cases, it’s hard to tell whether or not we will ever go back to concerts and gatherings with ease in large crowds. Being that the UK’s social distant concert event is the first of its kind, we might see a mixture of both. There will be more caution at events (not just at music venues, but at sporting events and art galleries) if people do choose to go to these outings. Either way, these options will be utilized by the public even after COVID-19 dies down. As people slowly adapt to the new normal, so are these constructive social ideas that will continue on.

Post Author: Karelia Alexander