Hugh Jackman’s throwback phtoto working with Ryan Reynolds has fans excited to see their chemistry on screen. courtesy @RealHughJackman on Twitter courtesy @RealHughJackman on Twitter courtesy @RealHughJackman on Twitter courtesy @RealHughJackman on Twitter courtesy @RealHughJackman on Twitter

Deadpool is coming to the MCU

Not only is Deadpool officially joining the MCU, he’s bringing a special friend with him

Deadpool is making his entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And he’s not
alone. Ryan Reynolds, the star of the hit 2016 film, took to social media on September 27th to announce the release date of the highly anticipated third installment in the Deadpool franchise, and a very special guest to join him for his MCU debut.

The video which, in true Ryan Reynolds fashion, made fun of himself and how long the
film has been in development, featured a cameo by none other than Hugh Jackman, better
known to Marvel fans as Wolverine. In a witty and clever reveal, while talking about how long he has been contemplating a storyline and if he had any news to reveal about Deadpool 3, Reynolds pauses and asks Jackman as he’s walking up the stairs in the background, “Hey Hugh, you wanna play Wolverine one more time?” to which Jackman replies, “Sure Ryan”.

As fans may know, Jackman hung up his claws back in 2017 after the film entitled Logan. His role as Wolverine gained him a Guinness World Record for longest career as a Marvel superhero and a title as a fan favorite in the X-Men franchise. Even amid the success and admiration Jackman received in this role, he hadn’t been introduced into the MCU, until now.

While Jackman’s return to Wolverine may have been a surprise to some, other fans claim they saw it coming after Reynolds had promised he would get Jackman back to play Wolverine at some point. And boy did he deliver. To no surprise, fans went wild after this reveal with some fans stating on Twitter that this film is the only reason they’re sticking around in the MCU. Other fans say that they can’t wait to see Logan and Wade’s chemistry in the new film, of course we can imagine that the chemistry everyone is hoping for will come from the relationship that Reynolds and Jackman have developed off-screen as the actors are well known for roasting each other on social media.

While Wolverine’s confirmed appearance is very exciting, it is currently the only
information we have on Deadpool 3. We don’t have a concrete plot yet, though it is rumored to be centered on the X-Force. If this rumor is true, then we could be getting appearances from other X-Force members such as Psylocke, Archangel, and Bishop. As far as confirmed cast members, Reynolds and Jackman are the only ones officially signed on for the film. Rumored cast members include Leslie Uggams as Blind Al (Wade Wilson’s roommate/bestie),Josh Brolin as Cable, Zazie Beatz as Domino and Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Of course, this is just a rumored list and because this film is officially set in the MCU, potentially just about anyone could show up for a cameo.

All in all, this film should be a fantastic watch. The first two films in the Deadpool
franchise worked within a budget of $58 and $110 million dollars, respectively, so it’s safe to say we can expect an even bigger budget this time around. A bigger budget could mean a multitude of things such as even more A-list actors cast, bigger production, or even more SFX than the last two films. There is still a lot to unpack with Deadpool 3, but we have nearly two years to do so. Along with Wolverine’s return announcement, Reynolds also revealed that the merc with a mouth will be in theaters on September 6th, 2024. While 2024 seems like a world away, it’s sounding like it will be worth the wait.

Post Author: Caitlyn Tucker