“Downton Abbey” will be shown in theaters everywhere starting Thursday, Sept. 19. courtesy Focus Feature

“Downton Abbey” movie continues storyline flawlessly

Circle Cinema hosted an early screening of the “Downton Abbey” movie.

The King and Queen of England come to Downton Abbey in the new “Downton Abbey” movie. All of the characters with whom fans fell in love in the BBC “Downton Abbey” television series come alive on the silver screen with much pomp and ceremony to create a marvelous continuation of the saga of the Crawley family.

Before the movie, I was concerned that it would mess up the happy endings the show had given its characters. Fortunately, the movie did not alter the happy endings, but only continued their stories. I also did not feel like the movie was unnecessary or that it trod on ground the show had already covered. The movie was a little over two hours, the perfect amount of time to get reacquainted with all the characters I loved from the show.

Circle Cinema had an early preview night for “Downton Abbey,” and the tickets were sold out. I was lucky enough that my friend snagged me a ticket before they were gone. I always enjoy seeing a movie that I’m excited about with other excited people. It made for a fun viewing where everybody laughed uproariously at the one liners and “awwed” collectively at the romantic moments.

The movie is set in 1927 and opens with a letter being delivered to Downton Abbey. It is from the royal household saying that on King George V and Queen Mary’s tour of Yorkshire, they will stay for a night at Downton Abbey.

Of course, everybody freaks out, as one does when they find out the royal family is coming to stay. Plans are made, silver is polished and furniture is dusted as the Abbey is prepped for the royal family’s arrival. However, it is not all fun and games, because it wouldn’t be Downton Abbey without some drama.

Upstairs, Mary worries about how she is going to get everything down, and Old Lady Grantham is spoiling for a fight with one of the queen’s-ladies-in-waiting. Downstairs, the royal staff who come ahead of the royal family are uptight and bully the Abbey staff. These are some of the complications the movie sets in motion that are all resolved happily in the morning.

The movie has everything that is beloved from the television series. It focuses equally on the aristocratic family upstairs and the staff downstairs. Isobel and Old Lady Grantham trade quips and one-liners as they fight over whether or not the Dowager Countess’s plans are for the best. Their arguments provided much of the humor for the movie.

The movie has all the heart and humor of the original show. I was delighted to see how the royal visit threw everyone in a tizzy.

My one criticism of the movie would be that I wanted more of Henry Tolbert. I will not explain who he is so as to not spoil the end of the television series for those who have not seen it. He is in the movie, but did not have a very large part. He is one of my favorite characters, and I wish he would’ve been in more scenes.

The movie is fantastic and anybody who was a fan of Downton Abbey would love it. If you are not a fan, the movie has a brief synopsis of the action of the show before the movie so that if you have never seen the show you can still enjoy it.

So grab your finest ballgown and your tea set and head to the theater starting Thursday, Sept. 19, when “Downton Abbey” opens in theaters everywhere.

Post Author: Lizzy Young