Improve TU: Dual majors should have fewer blocks—not more

I am a student in both the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences. So let’s talk about block classes.

The college of engineering does not (typically) require Block IIIs, as the engineering sciences are permeated with these types of classes.

However, the college of Arts & Sciences does require them.

So, if a student is enrolled in both colleges, the obvious thing to do would be to require no Block III classes—a multidisciplinary student shouldn’t be required to take more block classes.

However, I’m required to take Block IIIs because I’m also in Arts & Sciences.

Additionally, there is a Block II class (on ethics) that is required for computer science.

Despite not being required for my psychology major, I currently cannot count it as a Block II class for psychology because it counts towards my other major.
That doesn’t make sense.

The purpose of block classes are, to my knowledge, to increase the well-roundedness of students.

So, if I’m enrolled in two colleges, I shouldn’t have to take more block classes than if I were enrolled in only one college—it defeats the purpose of block classes to require fewer of them if I were only studying a single subject.

In conclusion, the university shouldn’t require students to take more block classes as an indirect consequence of having multiple majors.

I think that it would improve TU to make block classes per student, not per major.

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