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Easy tips to help you fall asleep

One of the greatest feelings in the world is getting a good night’s sleep, and waking up full of energy and life. Nothing beats this feeling, so this is why there are some helpful tips for you to get some great night rest.

A big one that will help going to sleep, and even going to sleep faster, is not using your phone or looking at a computer before going to bed. Looking at the blue light re- flecting off your electronics before going to bed reduces the amount of melatonin your body creates, which is the hormone that makes people tired. There are ways people can still cope with looking at their electronic device, such as using blue light glasses. Blue light glasses prevent the blue light from reaching people’s eyes, which will keep their eyes relaxed before going to bed. The glasses are pretty stylish too, so it can be a fashion statement as well. There are also apps that get rid of the blue light from the electronic device. Along with that, there is a setting on phones that allow people to go into night mode, which takes away the blue light. Getting rid of blue light is key to getting a good night’s sleep and has an easy solution.

Everyone gets tired throughout the day; it’s natural. This results in people taking naps. There is nothing wrong with a nap, but the hardest part is not taking too long of a nap. Taking too long of a nap will cause people to stay up later throughout the night. Stay- ing up later throughout the night will make you just as tired the next day. This causes people’s sleep schedule to be out of whack. Everyone’s different, but a nap should not be over 30 minutes, and shouldn’t occur too late in the day.

Another great way to get better sleep is having a routine and being consistent with this bedtime routine. The routine could be whatever suits the person best, as long as it’s relaxing. Something very relaxing is stretching. Stretching allows people to re- lease some tension in the body and to loosen up their muscles. A decent stretching rou- tine could consist of stretching the legs, the arms or maybe doing some child’s pose and downward dog. Find out whatever seems to fit you and do that consistently and around the same time before going to bed to help your body know it is time to sleep.

One last quick, easy tip for better sleep- ing is having a comfortable bed, pillow and temperature in the bedroom. Clearing the mind and taking deep breaths to slow down the heart rate is another easy thing to do.

Sleep is very important for us and is needed because this allows us to function throughout the day. With the lack of sleep, functioning the next day will be very diffi- cult. These are some tips to get people start- ed on some healthy habits to do to get better sleep, and I hope these work for you.

Post Author: Joseph Breedlove