Employee arrested

Students recount the arrest in ACAC.
Oluwafemi Abioye was arrested in the Student Union by Tulsa Police for embezzlement last week. At 1:40 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 31, students witnessed three officers enter the service entrance at the rear of ACAC and return with Abioye in handcuffs.

Seniors Mia Hogan, Adam Porterie and Graduate student Evren Shermer state they saw the three officers and Abioye leave through the rear door near the barber shop. “They walked him from the catering office out of the service entrance,” Shermer stated.

Abioye was booked into Tulsa County jail under a felony offense later that day. Tulsa Police report that Abioye stole and listed undercounter refrigerators and an induction stove for sale on Facebook. Abioye alleged that the appliances were trash and were going to be dumped by Sodexo at the university.

Hogan states she saw a member of TU Sodexo staff eating at Category 5 shortly after the officers left, discussing the ordeal with the employees. “He was explaining about appliances being trash that [Abioye] was taking, and that it doesn’t matter if it was trash. It was TU property.” She added that the Sodexo staff member eating at Category 5 did not seem to care about the situation while the two servers “looked so shocked and heartbroken.”

“It’s honestly so sad, he has always been kind,” Hogan stated. “One of my favorite workers, and so sweet.”

Post Author: Shelby Hiens