Farewell letter: Mary Lickona

(Cliche beginning:) Well, here we are. It seems only yesterday I was reading the letters of the seniors last year and thinking of all they accomplished. The main difference between now and then is that I was not on The Collegian staff this time last year. So first off, I would like to thank Zach and Maddie for taking a chance on some rando they didn’t know to be the new business manager.

I first heard of the opportunity of working for The Collegian through some very good friends who were insistent that there were positions open with good pay and good hours. Being a broke college student, I finally accepted and henceforth gained a great education in business management. Yay for beefing up a resume! Despite having to deal with the monster that is Paycom, I am so grateful for this past year. The staff have been wonderfully welcoming and understanding as I tried to figure out what I was doing. I’ve enjoyed ribbing Zach in the pitch meetings, chatting with the editors on Sundays and all the hangouts in between.

Perhaps the best part of this past year has been getting to actually write articles for The Collegian. I have absolutely LOVED getting to share my opinions and writing style with the staff and the small but dedicated audience of readers. My endless need for validation was fed by the encouragement of family and friends who had beforehand never heard of The Collegian. I am so glad that I listened to Logan and Callie and joined TU’s student newspaper. Without them, I might have never discovered my love for writing.

Final shoutout to Kyle for accepting all my wacky satire articles and to Bella for letting me write my review of a year-old album. My best wishes to the new staff, keep up the great work! Y’all will do amazingly. My senior year has been beautifully colored by this new experience in the world of newspaper writing and publication. Good-bye from your business manager, part-time writer and proud member of the resident Collegian Catholics.

Post Author: Mary Lickona