Fight night; wrestling in Tulsa

In Perfect Practice Gym, at the corner of Sheridan and 51st, titans clash every other Saturday night. Humbly located in a back room, Compound Pro Wrestling offers Tulsa’s only pro wrestling entertainment. And, boy, it does not disappoint.

Nearly filling the venue, roughly 200 people sat in folding chairs surrounding the raised wrestling ring. The audience is surprisingly diverse, including a wide variety of ages, races, and backgrounds.

With the dimming of the lights, the announcer introduces a night full of action—even a title fight! However, Gentleman Jake O’Brien and his manager quickly steal the mic and the show. In a tophat, a diamond necklace, a black cape, and purple tights that read “gentleman” on the buttocks, Gentleman Jake invokes satan, much to the dismay of the crowd. Albeit not so subtly, we have our villain. In a preview to the night’s headliner, Gentleman Jake trash talks his challenger, Bobby V.

With loud music and flashing lights, the first fighters head to the ring. Patient Zero, donning scrubs and a black luchador mask, is escorted by his handlers. He and a partner face off against the tag team of Spanish Mayhem, featuring a man in a comically oversized afro. Very quickly, my low expectations are blown away. The fighters fearlessly launch themselves from the ropes, displaying moves that would make the Iron Sheik smile. Though far from superstars, these wrestlers don’t hesitate to pull off some superstar moves, including vicious takedowns.

In a super heavyweight bout, Lockdown defeats Sam Stackhouse by submitting Stackhouse’s head to his unrelenting and punishing grasp. Jesse Keipp / Collegian

In a super heavyweight bout, Lockdown defeats Sam Stackhouse by submitting Stackhouse’s head to his unrelenting and punishing grasp.
Jesse Keipp / Collegian

After a Spanish Mayhem victory, the MC announces a three-way fight between Richie Adams, the Bartlesville Bulldog, and Brandon the Brideless Groom. Appropriately, Richie Adams dons a black pair of briefs. However, the character of Brandon the Brideless Groom, dressed in a torn tuxedo jacket and beholding luscious locks of hair, stole the show. Desperate for love, Brandon proposes to numerous women on his way to the ring. However, they all say no, and the vicious cycle continues as Brandon climbs through the ropes to wrestle away his dejection. However, Brandon and fan-favorite Bartlesville Bulldog both fall to Richie Adams.

Fortunately for the audience, taunting is allowed. As Brandon walked away from the ring, a rather large woman told the Brideless Groom, “You don’t have right equipment.”

While a lesser man would simply walk away, the Brideless Groom, who’s quick on his feet but even quicker with his mind, replied, “You’re right. I don’t own a tractor.”

Next, a tandem defeats a tag team that includes a Hispanic man, named Jesus. In another three way fight, female fighter Skylar Slice defeated Misty Lynn and Taylor K. During the tag team matchup, Seth Angel and Adrian Dunn faced newcomers Reptile and Amphibian, who wore full-body luchador costumes. Fortunately, the small venue afforded me the opportunity to start a “Let’s Go Seth!” chant. In what certainly wasn’t a coincidence, Seth Angel’s pair won.

In the night’s championship fight, a tiny Wade Argento defeated the towering Terry Montana. Draped in long, silver hair, Terry Montana approached the ring with “Cotton Eye Joe” blasting over the speakers. Yet the villain, Wade Argento, won on a technicality.

In one of the most entertaining matches of the night, Lockdown topped Sam Stackhouse. Surprisingly, the ring held up remarkably well despite their nearly 800 pounds of combined weight. The wrestlers even brought the fight to the floor as Stackhouse ejected Lockdown through the ropes.

In the main event, Bobby V. squared off against Gentleman Jake O’Brien. Mercilessly, young children jeered and insulted the Gentleman. However, the fans had no compassion for the man who had earlier invoked Satan. At first, Bobby V. appears to have defeated the villain by pinning him down. Yet, because Bobby V.’s shoulders were on the floor, Gentleman Jake O’Brien arose victorious.

In an unending search for justice, the crowd demanded the other ref with chants of “Jeff the Ref.” In a rare exception, the commissioner appeared, rending the previous verdict null and employing Jeff the Ref for the remainder of the fight. With humanity restored, Bobby V. again defeated the Gentleman. This time, there’s no doubt.

All in all, even for non-wrestling fans, a night at Compound Pro Wrestling is an excellent way to spend $7. If watching isn’t enough, those interested in training to become a wrestler can contact Compound Pro at Fight information can be found on the group’s Facebook page.

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