Fitness Center considers changes to dress code

The Collins Fitness Center recently posted to Facebook a picture announcing what many students believed to be a newly revised dress code for gym-goers. The image distinguished acceptable and unacceptable clothes for the gym, the latter of which included shirts that exposed the midriff or back. This image in fact did not announce a new dress code at all, but was based on the dress code outlined by the TU president and board of trustees fifteen years ago, when the gym first opened.

“The Facebook post was created after students asked for clarification of the current dress code,” says Director of Marketing and Communications Mona Chamberlin. After student responses to the post were largely negative, the administration has considered revising the policy. While the dress code is currently under review, Chamberlin says “any clothing that could jeopardize the health or safety students, faculty or staff using the fitness center will be addressed on a case-by-case basis… The health and safety of the campus community is always our top concern.”

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