Freshmen not aware of amount of stress that they’re in for

It’s fall again, and that means yet another drove of woefully unprepared freshmen have arrived at TU, their eyes filled with youthful wonder and their hearts unsullied by the inevitable weight of college life.

“I’m so excited!” exclaimed Britney Leibowicz, who still doesn’t quite realize what she’s in for. “I’m gonna major in nursing, but I also want to rush and maybe join some clubs.”

Leibowicz, who within three months will be crying in her dorm, wondering how it got this bad, seemed pleased when this reporter told her there was always room for one more at the Collegian.

While freshmen usually have a rough time adjusting to the strains of university life, few take it harder than out of state students. Darius Martin, who is currently brimming with excitement, is one of such students.

“It just feels so liberating to get away from my family,” said Martin, who will seriously consider dropping out and moving back home by Christmas. “I love them, but they’ve been driving me crazy.”

At press time, only one of the freshmen had begun to crack after getting a glimpse of the reading list for her Exposition and Argumentation class.

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