Florida representative Matt Gaetz is under investigation following allegations of sexual abuse. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Gaetz allegations must be responded to seriously

Scandalous sexual allegations are not something that people are surprised to hear anymore when it comes to our political leaders. Unfortunately, such occurrences are more commonplace with people of power than probably anyone would care to admit. As it turns out, Florida representative Matt Gaetz is not immune to such allegations, as he is currently under investigation for claims of a sexual nature.

According to the recent reports, Gaetz is accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor. One of the claims that is being investigated is whether or not Gaetz paid for the 17 year old girl to travel alongside him out of state. This is especially problematic for Gaetz in his defense because if this was the case, then by at least all legal terms and purposes, he has indeed engaged in the human sex trafficking of this girl, due to the exploitative nature of all of this. The details of Gaetz’s actions still aren’t entirely clear with the information being reported at this time.

The situation surrounding Matt Gaetz becomes more damning the more that gets dug up and the more that the media covers it. He has denied all claims, saying that people are mischaracterizing his generosity to ex-girlfriends in a giant convoluted attempt at a criminal conspiracy to extort not only Gaetz himself, but also his father (for some reason). Since the original statutory rape investigation, investigations into potential human trafficking charges have emerged against Matt Gaetz, as well as reports surfacing that he showed nude photographs to various lawmakers of women with whom he had sexual relations.

Ideally all of the people reading this will agree with me that allegations and investigations into sexual assault, human trafficking, illegal relationships with underage teenagers, etc., are not ever anything that should be taken lightly. On one hand, such accusations have an incredibly strong power in which to destroy a person’s reputation, career, and life in general. When a person is genuinely innocent, such an allegation that destroys and uproots their entire life, and maybe even their family, is absolutely awful.

That being said, our first and foremost obligation as human beings is to protect the vulnerable in these situations. A significant amount of time such accusations are true, and trauma comes to the victims from someone who is too caught up in their own selfishness in such a malicious, violent way. That they try to strip another person of their human dignity is absolutely tragic, awful, and not to be tolerated whatsoever. It seems right now that these accusations, as disgusting and gut-wrenching as they are, about another one of our political leaders, Matt Gaetz, have a lot of potential validity to them, and if that is the case, then he needs to be immediately stripped of his political position, from holding office in the future and be placed in prison for a very long time as punishment for his actions.

Post Author: Logan Guthrie