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Get to know a club is a weekly column where students can read about the different clubs on campus and what they do.
If you were at the Activity Fair a few weeks ago, you may have found CJ Pokowitz running the booth for the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club. This week, we are getting to know what exactly the Amateur Radio Club is.
The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club is composed of TU students dedicated to learning about amateur radio, also known as HAM radio, as a hobby. All over Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma are multiple hobby radio operators that the club connects with and creates.

“We’re all about getting on the air and having fun while experimenting with technology,” explains Pokowitz. “A lot of it is building out of station and talking to other people and meeting others with like-minded interests.” With the club utilizing a lot of radio frequency technology, it might be a worthwhile hobby for any ECE or CS degree to really pick up and learn from.

Radio may seem like an outdated mode of communication. Especially with new technology like the internet and cellular service, it may seem like the radio is all but obsolete. However, RF technology is still relevant today and found in unexpected places.
“Part of the reason that I believe this will appeal to STEM majors is that there’s that RF component. This is great for resume building,” said Pokowitz. Through the club, you can have access to radio equipment without having to sink a lot of money to experiment with an expensive hobby that may not actually end up piquing your interest.
If you are already a hobby radio operator, then you may wonder why it’s worth becoming part of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club. Beyond basic networking skills, the radio club is also dedicated to educating and facilitating confidence with working with radio frequencies.
“A large part of the HAM radio community has years of experience, and they can explain to you concepts that you may be struggling with as a beginner,” said Pokowitz. “Some of those community members also have professional experience, so it’s even more helpful to connect with people that can show you where these skills come in handy in the professional world.”

Tulsa Amateur Radio Club is not only a great way to build professional connections, though; it is also a hobby that allows you to connect with others in a different way. Through radio, gaps in experience and distance are bridged through this mutual desire to master this technology. The mindfulness necessary to really engage with radio and connect with others online is almost like a meditation exercise in itself. Radio technology is not bogged down by an overabundance of information, so the quiet feeling that you can get waiting for a reply online is a space that allows you to slow down and reflect quietly. If anything else, Tulsa Amateur Radio Club is a meditation that you can engage with alongside others.
Tulsa Amateur Radio Club is always welcoming new members, so if you want to get in contact, it’s recommended that you either email CJ Pokowitz at or sign up on this site:

Post Author: Matthew Montanio