Glanz resigns amid scandal

This past week, Stanley Glanz, former sheriff of Tulsa county, has resigned amidst rumors of corruption and attack on his office. The resignation came only hours before the federal grand jury had determined to indict Glanz and demanded his removal from office.

Glanz is being charged with failure to release information about Robert Bates, a personal friend of Glanz who was a reserve deputy that initiated the investigation after accidentally shooting an unarmed and restrained Eric Harris, who was alleged to be selling guns. Glanz is also being charged with misuse of funds, after it was found that Glanz had employed taxpayer money to pay for his car as well as other personal items.

Glanz’s lawyer, Scott Wood, had previously claimed in press conferences that Glanz had committed no wrong, and would not resign nor would he be indicted.

Glanz had been petitioned for an investigation since April of this year, when activist group We the People of Oklahoma had called for his resignation and admission of guilt. While WTPOK has stated that their ultimate goal of seeing Glanz in handcuffs has not yet been achieved, his indictment and resignation appear to be a step in the right direction. Glanz’s infamy appears to cross borders, as protestors and advocates of Glanz’s indictment has appeared to even draw in TPD officers who have joined to condemn Glanz and “the bad name he gives police.”

Glanz’s trial dates have yet to be announced, but he has also been named in over ten other potential lawsuits. Glanz, who has been sheriff in Tulsa County since 1989, has been replaced by interim Undersheriff Rick Wiegel until the re-election process on April 6, 2016.

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