Gov. announces state hiring freeze

It was expected that the state of Oklahoma could bring in about $300 million less next year than it did this year. That number has since been adjusted to about $600 million. For reference, the governor’s budget listed an expected revenue of about $7.212 billion and a slightly lower expected expenditure.

In response to the initial $300 million estimated decline in revenue, Governor Fallin issued an executive order that limits new expenses relating to government employees.

Specifically, it prevents state agencies from “hiring, reinstating, granting salary raises, awarding performance bonuses, promoting employees and accepting a transferred employee from another agency.”

The only way to get around these limits is by approval, in writing, from either the appropriate statewide elected official or cabinet member.

Changes regarding IT employees have a more limited ability for alteration. Those changes must be authorized by the Secretary of Finance, Administration and Information Technology.

In the event that a change for a statewide elected official or cabinet member is necessary, the Secretary of State will be the appropriate authority to provide an exemption.

In order for any such changes to take place, the Chief Administrative Officer of an agency must request the change and note the “unique, fact-specific conditions justifying the request.”

The only exception to the personnel freeze is if the Oklahoma Military Department is able to be completely reimbursed by the federal government.

Records of requests and approvals are to be kept with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. The director of that office will have the power to implement the executive order and require reporting in order to enforce the order.

The text of the executive order can be found online.

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