Gov. Kevin Stitt sues native tribes over gaming contract

The office of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced on Jan. 22 some updates surrounding his ongoing dispute with various native tribes in Oklahoma regarding the State Gaming Compact, which Stitt believes expired on Jan. 1.

In response to the filing of a federal lawsuit by several tribes, Gov. Stitt and the State have opted to file a suit seeking a ruling that would halt all Class III gaming in the state. The basis for this lawsuit is Stitt’s insistence that the compact expired and that there is no agreement in place that allowed gaming to take place.

Stitt gave no indication as to whether he would accept the exclusivity fees from the tribes for January. When asked what would happen if the state lost the lawsuit, Stitt replied “Everything is on the table. I don’t know. I am not going to lose in court.”

He also indicated the possibility of bringing in commercial gambling companies; however, this is not possible without legislative approval.

Post Author: Lindsey Prather