Government corner: Legislative updates

The Parental and Family Rights in Counseling Protection Act, a bill introduced by Representative Sally Kern that makes conversion therapy explicitly legal, passed the Children, Youth and Family Services Committee.

Since the Collegian’s initial reporting, the bill has been amended so that aversion therapy, in which a patient is subjected to pain, would not be protected under the bill.

As amended, it passed 5–3. All five in favor are Republicans, while one Republican and two Democrats opposed.

Representative Sally Kern’s Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act, which attempts to ban state recognition of same-sex marriage, passed the Judiciary and Civil Procedure Committee.

It passed 5–3, with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats opposed.

The Oklahoma Education Savings Account Act failed to pass committee after a 9–9 vote. Had it passed, it would have allowed parents to utilize state funds on private education.

The four March 3 bond measures for Tulsa Public Schools passed with over 80 percent of the vote each.

The measures cover funding for the construction and repair of facilities; library books, construction and repair; transportation and textbooks and other materials.

The four measures total $415 million.

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