Greek Life Spotlight: Kappa Sigma

Before attending The University of Tulsa, I understood the benefits of what Greek life could provide for individuals as students and campus leaders. As someone with family members involved in Greek life, I knew I wanted to join the community. Kappa Sigma has specifically provided me with more than just a social network; it has given me a sense of belonging and a platform for personal and professional growth. During my time as a member of Kappa Sigma, I have had the privilege of planning and organizing events not only for just the fraternity but for campus-wide events. One of my favorite aspects of Greek life is giving back to the community. This is something I have seen Kappa Sigma excel in throughout my time here at The University of Tulsa, and I could not be more proud of it. In the fall of 2023, Kappa Sigma raised over $10,000 and averaged 100 hours of service per brother. I have witnessed firsthand the dedication and effort of my fellow brothers, along with alumni, in organizing and participating in philanthropic activities that, in the end, make a difference. Being part of these efforts and knowing that I am contributing to something greater than myself has given me a sense of pride and fulfillment. In essence, my journey with Kappa Sigma has been a transformative one. I am grateful for the experiences, friendships and opportunities Greek life has provided me, and I look forward to upholding these values for future generations.

Nickname: Kappa Sig
Colors: Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green
Symbols: Star and Crescent
Flower: Lily of the Valley
National Founding: Dec. 10, 1869, University of Virginia
Chapter Founding: Dec. 4, 1948
Philanthropy Foundations: A Greater Cause, Military Heroes Campaign
Values: Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service

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