Green Team revived for men’s basketball game as part of Recyclemania

After last Thursday’s men’s basketball game, the Green Team experienced a brief revival. Last held during the 2015 football season, the Green Team collects recyclables left after sports games to prevent them from being thrown away. The Sustainability Committee hosted the event as part of Recyclemania.

Three participated from the Sustainability Committee, according to Theresa Blackwell, who organized the event, although the group had hoped for more student participation. An announcement during the game didn’t draw many either, as attendance was low, she said. Those who participated were “happy to be collecting items that need to be recycled.”

Participants collected three large garbage bags of recycling. These bags were primarily composed of “plastic glass that beer is served in and a combination of water bottles and Gatorade containers,” Blackwell noted. Soda cups were notably less, as many bring in reusable cups.

While another Green Team event isn’t planned for this semester, Blackwell said another event could be planned if interest was demonstrated. Football and basketball are the best sports for these events, as they draw a large attendance.

From previous collections during football games, Blackwell noticed there was less recyclable waste at the basketball game. The student section, however, had the most trash and recyclables left in the stands after the game.

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