Hannah will get you through this. graphic by Emma Palmer

Hannah’s declassified home survival guide

Tip three will get you through social distancing guaranteed.

As campus rules get more strict with who can come and go and more students are stuck at home away from campus, many are missing the great deal of what the University of Tulsa had to offer. From frat parties to amazing caf food, there are so many things that are unique to an on-campus experience. While impossible to completely replicate the TU experience, I have a few tips that will make your house feel a little more like campus and a little less like you’re 12 again.

1. Lime to class

Everyone knows that the only way to get to classes on time is to rush out of your room with about five minutes to spare, grab a lime and race to add yours to the growing pile outside of Kep. This doesn’t have to change. While nowadays you’re more likely to be late if your internet screws you over, racing from your bedroom to your living room for class on a Razor scooter from your childhood (my personal favorite analog Lime) will have to do for now.

2. Wear What You Want

With our on-campus schedules, most students tended to ignore the whole “wake up in the morning thing” — so obviously that won’t change at home — but a personal favorite for some students is the ability to wear whatever they so desire to classes and around campus. For most this simply means sweats (and in the era of social distancing, PJs), but I challenge everyone to instead just walk around their home, or at least their room naked. Why create more laundry when no one is going to see you? No one has to turn on their Collaborate camera after all.

3. Whata Runs Are Still a Go

A popular way for TU students to destress or try in vain to avoid working for another three hours is to visit Whataburger or one of the other several fast food restaurants that are (almost) always open (love you Tacos Don). So, while going and eating in isn’t feasible anymore, it’s super easy to just DoorDash them right to your home for the 2 a.m. snack you need. Just be sure not to wake your parents, they might not be as happy about that one.

4. Hide Your Alcohol, It’s the Surprise Room Inspection From Your RA (Resident Adult)

One thing most TU students dread is the surprise room inspection. Since we’re all basically living in our lovely bedroom dorms, we still get that shot of adrenaline when our parents walk into our room to “tidy up” and accidentally find our stash of shot glasses and vodka hiding spots. So don’t forget when you’re hiding beverages for those tough classes and nights, parents can snoop everywhere, so get creative. I suggest a sock drawer.

I hope that this list gives everyone a few ideas to deal with this weird COVID-19 transition, and if you have any more ideas, please direct them into the chat of your next Collaborate class.

Post Author: Hannah Robbins