Haunted Halls: the end of Fisher South

The event ended up being quite the fright, bringing in over 260 students

As a freshman, I found myself thoroughly interested in the events that the school was holding; especially the recent events in the fall and during homecoming. but there was one event, during the school year and many others were looking forward to. This event was known as Haunted Halls.

Haunted Halls is an event that the University of Tulsa holds yearly around Halloween, and if you couldn’t already guess, this haunted house took place in Fisher South; an old dormitory that is currently undergoing renovations and repairs. As an avid haunted house lover and as a person who has been part of many haunted houses back home, the idea to hold this haunted house in an old, creepy, abandoned Dormitory was genius and ended up providing a great experience for all who dared to enter the halls of Fisher South.

The actual tour of the haunted halls was structured as a typical dormitory tour a group of incoming first-year or transfer students would receive. The tour of the haunted halls spanned all three floors of Fisher South. The design of each floor was unique and provided different spooks and scares as the tour progressed. The first floor was home to the dorm rooms and was where I was spooked the most by a tortured resident screaming and almost pleading “DONT. GO. THAT. WAY!!” over and over again. This was followed by my group being rushed by more tortured residents asking us if we wanted to be their roommates as we made our way to the second floor.

The second floor of Fisher South was known as the hospital wing where we were met with psycho doctors, nurses and mutilated patients where I was surprised by a patient I didn’t realize was behind me. Once we reached the end of the second floor our tour guide told us that this was the end of the haunted halls. As we exited the hall and started making our way to the stairs, one of the actors came up to the guide and told her that they needed more time to set up and asked the guide to take us to the third floor. This floor was supposedly off-limits to the public for an unknown reason. We entered the third floor and after the door closed behind us, our tour guide was snatched! My group was left to find our way out of this floor where we were chased by psychos. After being chased by the psychos, we finally found the exit and made it out of Fisher South with our souls and lives intact.

This event was quite the scare and ended up being a night that I will never forget. Especially since I was allowed into the haunted halls with my GoPro. So as a late Halloween treat, here’s what it was like to experience the fright of the haunted halls.

Post Author: tucollegian