It’s the perfect time to start compiling your gift list and getting ideas on what to gift others. courtesy Public Domain Pictures

Holiday gift guide to start making your list

Buying or asking for gifts can be stressful, but this guide can give good ideas for any need or person in your life.

With the holiday season just around the corner, your mom may have started asking what’s on your Christmas list. Or maybe you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for the other members of your family and your friends. Either case, gift giving can be tough, especially as you grow older, and it seems like you already have all that you need. I hope this holiday gift giving guide takes some of that stress away.

Starting with the basics, I know that no one was too excited to be gifted socks as a kid, but as an adult, that is a great present to open. Socks and clothes are so much more exciting as an adult to unbox. You could get socks with animals, plants, reindeer or one of a hundred other things on them. Getting new shoes is also always fun, either a nice pair of sneakers or some boots that you’ve had your eyes on. Pajama sets could be the perfect gift to wear the night after Christmas, and there’s nothing better to sleep with than a weighted blanket. Especially for college students, weighted blankets are great to begin easing anxiety. It also wouldn’t be a 2021 holiday gift guide without mentioning squishmallows, the stuffed animals taking the world by storm that come in all different shapes and sizes.

Moving on to the kitchen, I know that I’ve had my eye on a mini Keurig for my dorm room, and last year for Christmas, my family gifted me the microwave that’s now in my dorm. Air fryers also make great gifts for the family due to the vast number of recipes that can be made with them. I’m also a big fan of mini waffle makers and egg cookers seen at Target and Kohls. If you want to look into something extra special for your parents, try a cast iron pan, a dutch oven or a number of Pampered Chef products to make cooking easier.

For entertainment, there are numerous gift ideas ranging from books and movies to workout gear. Look into a yoga mat or weights to really dedicate yourself to that workout routine you’ve been trying to stick with all semester. While you’re working out, you could have a himalayan salt lamp on in the corner of the room for some ambiance. Or maybe for some family fun, ask for a puzzle, card decks or board games. The game aisle at Target is very long with tons of fun options whether you want something deeply involved or just for fun.

For the scholarly learner in your life, look up the Goodreads Book of the Year lists and consider getting some of those novels. They’re on the best books list for a reason. Some beneficial technology investing could be in a Smart Watch to track all sorts of health-related things or getting a tablet or iPad. iPads are helpful for taking notes in class, organizing your schedule but also for simply watching television. Printer ink could also be a great gift to ask for due to the price tag, and stationary sets always make for something fun to open and use throughout the year.

Sometimes part of gift giving is the mystery behind what it could be, and for some gifts, the mystery can last long after the holidays. By getting subscription boxes, the gift giving can continue all year round. There are subscription boxes for all sorts of things, from Book of the Month club where you get a new hardback book every month to Ipsy where you get new makeup. If you research subscription boxes, there’s going to be one for all tastes. Magazine subscriptions are also fun if you have a specific company in mind, like “National Geographic,” “Good Housekeeping” or “Popular Mechanics.” Scratch off posters are exciting and come in all different types, from yoga poses and vacation destinations to movies and books.

Maybe someone doesn’t want a physical gift, but an experience instead. Gift cards are a great way to start. There are gift cards for favorite restaurants, shops and entertainment destinations. The movie theater or roller rink would be great places to get gift cards for. Also look into spas and nail salons for those in your life who need to take a break. Getting an AirBNB trip in order or a hotel room for the weekend could also be fun to give everyone a break in a new location.

Of course, I must mention that we have one of the best places to get gifts right here on campus. The University of Tulsa bookstore is an amazing place to get clothes, accessories and collectibles for everyone in the family, while also asking for some things for yourself. You could ask for a sweatshirt or pajama pants. There is a wide assortment of baseball caps, beanies, stuffed animals, scrunchies and drinkware. During the holiday season, the bookstore begins selling ornaments and stockings.

It may seem daunting at first to begin drafting your Christmas list or theorizing what to get others, but these are some great places to start. Every gift is special and will look beautiful wrapped up with a bow under the tree. Happy holidays!

Post Author: Myranda New