Homecoming bonfire good, not great, says local arsonist

TU’s bonfire had all the basics down — the fuel source was stable, it had proper ventilation, and it generated plenty of heat, but it fell short of creating a truly memorable experience for those present. Most great arsons — you know, the ones they make documentaries about years later — have a schtick that sets them apart. Maybe it’s a unique starter, such as using the arsonist’s own clothes as a wick, or a twist in the investigation, where the arson investigator was actually the one who started the fire!

It doesn’t matter exactly what the schtick is, but to make a fire for the ages, you need to do something more than just throwing some gasoline and a lighter down. With the number of people gathered around the homecoming blaze, I think a well-timed fireball to end the night could have significantly improved the experience.

The bonfire was not without its highlights, however. Rarely does an arson get as many attendees as this one, and there truly was a special moment when the fire first came ablaze, and all the bystanders had to take several steps back.

TU’s bonfire certainly wasn’t perfect, and if they want to become a household name among arsonists they have a lot of work to do, but the performance Friday night showed a strong understanding of what people want out of a fire and a dedication to spending necessary resources to make truly inspiring acts of arson.

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