Horoscopes 11/7/2022 – 11/13/2022

The lunar eclipse in Taurus means big changes are coming.

This week on November 8th there is a lunar eclipse in Taurus. It’s going to largely affect relationships because it opposes Venus. Eclipses are times of change, it’s an uncomfortable period of uncertainty that can ultimately lead to new opportunities and releasing parts of your life that weren’t serving you.

Aries, be careful of giving into conflict. You may find that the anxious energy around upheaval from the eclipse makes you want to take an aggressive approach to the shifts in your life. Be wary of acting before you think and cutting off people and things that are ultimately important parts of your life.

This eclipse is going to have a large impact on Taurus. Expect a dramatic change. Specifically a trade-off. You will lose something, and then gain something in return that serves you better and fills that gap.

Gemini, be wary of who you share with. As a very social and intellectual sign it’s natural for you to want to give information freely, but this eclipse is going to reveal new information you need to simply gather and not spread. People around you may become more transparent, showing you if they are honest or not.

Cancer, pay close attention to friendships and relationships. Watch to see who is there for you, and who naturally distances themselves from you during this week. You may find new insight about the people around you that can serve to help you understand who deserves to be a part of your life.

Leo, this eclipse is squared with your sun making you the center of attention this week, but do not take that lightly. Some of the people watching you may not have the best intentions. Do not make any rash decisions during this time. Keep confrontation as minimal as possible and wait to voice what might be bothering you.

Virgo, keep to your routine. Do not make any big changes to your day to day activities. As a sign who doesn’t always handle change well, the eclipse may increase your feelings of insecurity. To combat this, stick to what you know. But don’t keep everything stagnant, allow new opportunities in if they find their way to you.


Libra, be vigilant regarding your health. You recharge through self work so don’t abandon that during this time. You may experience some loss specifically in your relationships. Let what needs to exit your life leave. Focus on the people who want to be in your life, and on keeping yourself taken care of.

Scorpio, you need rest. Your drive has been extraordinary recently with this being your season, but this eclipse will exhaust you. It’s the time for you to recharge and let the work you’ve done manifest. You’re going to experience a shift in your life, and all you have to do now is sit back and watch.

Sagittarius, you are a sign with immense luck. The eclipse is going to make that less reliable though. Don’t make large investments of your resources this week. Focus on remaining grounded and steady. Your instinct to expand is something you should temporarily quell. Wait until later to take leaps of faith, for now simply stick to what you have so you don’t lose it.

Capricorn, you are going to be experiencing a new level of honesty in your relationships. You may notice that the people around you were being deceptive previously. Don’t call them out on this. Stay away from conflict, simply use this new understanding to inform you and what people to keep in your life.

Aquarius, you should be cautious. There is going to be a shift in their family dynamic. Do not make it your job to sort it all out. It may seem confusing and messy for a while, but everything will work out in the end. Be careful of trying too many new things. As the sign of revolution, it’s natural to want to make changes to your life. This is not the time for such spontaneity though. For this week focus on what is consistent in your life, and let the rest change on its own.

Pisces, there is something new coming in for you. The setting of your life is going to shift, either physically or mentally. Do not idealize this change too much, simply let it happen. It will not feel as dramatic as you want at the moment, but over time it’s going to impact you greatly.

Post Author: Aurora Stewart