Horoscopes 2/13/2023 – 2/18/2023

Valentines week with Venus in pisces

Aries, expect an exciting week! Jupiter in Aries will activate your ruling planet of mars which will amplify your charisma. The moon will also be transitioning into sagittarius on the 16th which will bring gravity to the decisions you make during this time. Have fun and welcome new opportunities.

Taurus, this week will bring joy. On the 14th, Venus enters pisces, a water sign very compatible with your earth element. On the 15th, this will peak, bringing abundance. Give into your impulse to indulge, because it will bring fulfillment.

Gemini, this will be a week of recognition for you. On the 15th, try and decide what area of your life you want success to come to. Venus and Neptune will conjunct bringing you luck and inspiration. If you focus on your goals you will find prosperity.

Cancer, you may feel anxiety surrounding finances and material goods this week. On February 16th, Saturn and the Sun will conjoin in your eighth house of other people’s money and material attributes. Be careful of comparison. Focus on your own goals and take everything one step at a time.

Leo, do not fear commitment this week. As Mercury conjuncts with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, you will find communication easy. When making decisions, trust that what you ask for will find its way to you. Make your intentions known.

Virgo, you will feel a push this week. You are in high demand which will likely deplete your resources. Work on rest. Because on the 16th Saturn will orbit close to the Sun, this incompatibility between ice and fire will be felt in your productivity.

Libra, things will be transparent this week. On the 16th, Saturn will orbit close to the Sun creating friction in your life. It will be easier to see what is going on behind the scenes, but this is likely to bring stress. Focus instead on your relationships. Venus will conjunct with Neptune, and as a sign ruled by Venus you will find luck in this transit.

Scorpio, take action! Your ruling planet, Mars, will call you to take big steps as it interacts with Uranus. Leading up to the 14th and peaking on the 15th you will find movement in your relationships fruitful. Go with your instincts and stay ambitious.

Sagittarius, you may experience a delay. Be careful of making too many promises that may be unrealistic as Saturn will conjoin the Sun in Aquarius, which will bring unpredictability in your life. Be willing to surrender to changing circumstances and look out for new experiences and connections they may bring.

Capricorn, you will feel both burdened and inspired by your relationships this week. Saturn, your ruler, will conjunct the Sun on Feb. 16. This rare conjunction will bring new responsibilities. Be kind to yourself and avoid unnecessary criticism as you adjust to these new aspects in your life.

Aquarius, do not neglect yourself this week. Saturn will conjunct the Sun in Aquarius on Feb. 16 which will put a spotlight on your work and responsibilities. Remember to remain balanced and focus on your passions along with your ambitions. If you do not also focus on your own needs you are likely to lose your health for the week and experience delays.

Pisces, look for unions this week. Uranus is in your third house, which rules contracts and commitment. You may find yourself drawn to new people and possible connections. Trust this instinct. You are likely to find ease in your ability to spot those who would be a good addition to your life.

Post Author: Aurora Stewart