Humans Of Tulsa: Katie Murphy

SS: “What made you want to study biology?”

KM: “I don’t know when it started. When I was really young I would always be the kind of kid that would bring in like a handful of June Bugs or whatever. And I’ve always liked life, you know, it was kind of pure. [Biology] was about why it was, about how it was. So um… I think that’s where it started. I just liked bugs.”

SS: “What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you?”

KM: “A couple summers ago I went to Ireland, to Galway, where I’ve been once before. I took about a month and a half. I was an apprentice to a luthier, a wooden instrument maker. And while I was there, I made a cello and it actually turned out pretty good. Like, I’m proud of it.”

SS: “Do you still have it?”

KM: “Oh I have it, but I don’t play the cello.”

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