“I misremembered being present at the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot”

Last week, when honoring the men and women who had to endure the horrors of the Tulsa Race Riots, I made a mistake in recalling the events of 94 years ago. It did not take long to hear from the men and women in Greenwood who were also experiencing the horrors of that time.

I want to apologize that I recalled being beaten and having my home burnt down when, in fact, I wasn’t even there at all. In my last apology, I stated that I was actually in a nearby district of Tulsa watching the events unfold. That was also false.

This was a bungled attempt by me to shed some light on the horrors of the Tulsa Race Riots and honor the innovative men and women in Greenwood who created the Black Wall Street, only to have it taken away in an event that has been mostly scourged from history. I hope they know they have my greatest respect.

During the events, I was actually just north of Tulsa in a cabin waiting out the … nope, actually no. I wasn’t there at all. Hell, I hadn’t been born yet. I didn’t even know where Tulsa was until a few weeks ago when my new assistant told me about the Giant Praying Hands at Oral Roberts University.

I also would like to apologize for the story of myself rappelling off those praying hands to escape giant robot fire during the alien invasion. That also never happened. My niece sent me those photoshopped pictures, and I guess I just believed I was there. Crazy right? Ahh journalism.

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