I was too busy studying to write the following article

Why did I do this to myself? I knew I had three tests and a paper this week, but I decided to go to the Collegian meeting anyway. I honestly should have known better than to think the editors wouldn’t guilt trip me into writing this.

Now I’m stuck with some article I don’t even remember the topic for. I can’t email the editor at this point; the damn thing’s due in twenty minutes. I’ll just throw something together, I guess.

The thing about politics(?)

James Whisenhunt
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The thing about politics is that, like, sometimes, people who I don’t like get elected. Frankly I can’t have that. So, I think that we should all just kind of… talk to me a bit more, and then I can explain why the people I like are the best. Then, they’ll inevitably agree with me and my candidates will be elected! So… let’s do that.

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