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iDKHOW releases debut full-length album “Razzmatazz”

iDKHOW, or I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, recently released their debut full-length album, “Razzmatazz.” iDKHOW is a music duo made up of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman. Weekes plays the bass, keys, guitar and sings the vocals, while Seaman plays the drums and various percussion instruments. “Razzmatazz” has a tracklist of 12 songs.
iDKHOW first hit the charts with their single “Choke” early last year. Following the success of “Choke,” they released an acoustic version of the song shortly after. 2018 also marked the year the band released their first EP, “1981 Extended Play.” Songs such as “Absinthe,” “Social Climb,” “Bleed Magic” and “Do It All the Time” were released on this 15 minute EP.

“Razzmatazz” sounds like it stepped right out of the ‘80s. With heavy drums, bass and synth, this album has something for everyone who’s nostalgic for bands like the Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode.
The album opens with “Leave Me Alone.” Listening to this song, I get really strong “Tron: Legacy” vibes. I have no idea why, but I could imagine this song fitting perfectly into the movie soundtrack. “Leave Me Alone” has an addictive, energetic bounce to the melody, sure to become an automatic earworm. “Mad IQs” immediately follows with an electronic beat and a crisp drum track. “Nobody Likes the Opening Band,” one of my favorites, follows next. Offering a comical point of view of watching the opening band perform at a concert, it proves to be a highly enjoyable song. I also recommend listening to this song if you’re missing live music, because I definitely got flashbacks to the last concert I attended. Featuring tambourine and a piano ballad, “Nobody Likes the Opening Band” showcases Weekes’ incredible vocal range.

“New Invention” follows after with a venomous, down and dirty vibe. Released as a thank you to fans for their patience and support, “New Inventions,” was released before the album as an apology for the week delay in the album’s release. “From the Gallows” offers a dark, dreamy, yet jazzy description of being obsessively in love with someone. There are moments during the chorus where the music almost sounds as if it were straight from a Queen song. The eerie, yet beautifully dark lyrics on “From the Gallows” are enough to send chills down your spine.
With an infectious beat, “Clusterhug” marks the halfway point of the album. You know how there are songs that are made to be played live? This is one of them. I can perfectly imagine a crowd at a concert bobbing their heads and jumping up and down in time to this song. “Sugar Pills” follows next as it further showcases Dallon Weekes’ spectacular vocal range. “Kiss Goodnight” is a slower tempoed love song. Listening to this song almost makes one feel as if they are floating. With a swaying melody, the lyrics are beautifully profound and chilling. In the future, I could very easily see this song being used in a scene where two characters kiss in a movie.

The saxophone solo in “Lights Go Down” is very unexpected, but somehow fits perfectly with the bopping melody, which is sure to make anybody feel the urge to dance. Dedicated to his two children, “Need You Here” is an emotional song that details Weekes’ desire to always be near his children. Featuring vocals from his daughter, Amelie, “Need You Here” is an emotional, yet endearing song that depicts the love of a father. “Door” marks the penultimate song of the record. Only lasting 92 seconds, “Door” is a simplistic song featuring only a ukulele, piano and voice. “Razzmatazz,” the final song of the album, again showcases the exceptional vocal range of Weekes. Dallon Weekes has also said that this is his favorite song on the album. Very fittingly, with the electronic genre of the album, the title track ends with a digitized voice saying, “complete.”

“Razmatazz” is an enjoyable album packed with great songs that are sure to make you get up and dance. If you’re like me and have been stressed lately, I highly suggest you take 37 minutes and have a mini-dance party to this album. “Razzmatazz” is out now.

Post Author: Madison Walters