Improve TU #21: Let them share paper

Students should be allowed to transfer their unused printing pages to students who have run out of pages to print.

At the University of Tulsa, each major has different academic needs. One that is consistent across majors is the access to paper and the use of a printer. Due to the necessities of their classes, some majors, such as political science, require the use of more paper at the library than other groups. However, all students, regardless of necessity, are given the same 1,000 pages. If students run out of their assigned pages, they are required to pay a fee. While this system provides an equal field for all students and usually fills the need of most of them, there are still problems in terms of equitability for certain students at the university.

In an attempt to fix this issue, TU could provide a new transfer feature that allows students to give pages away to certain individuals or a large university pool that could be used by students who have used up all their pages. Through this system, there would be less of a disparity between different students. It would help fix the current system where some students end the semester with over 900 pages while some run out. One’s participation in their class should not be affected by the amount of pages they have left to print.

Post Author: Nathan Hinkle