Improve TU #5: TU needs a new mascot

Throughout the years, TU’s mascot has undergone significant changes, with the last big change occurring in 2009. For the past eight years, the large-headed superhero mascot with his lightning sword has attempted to electrify crowds. The change came just in time, arriving soon after the first Iron Man movie and right before the Marvel Cinematic Universe began pumping out a movie or two per year. But after eight years, it’s time to move on to something new, a mascot that better captures the spirit of a hurricane.

Currently, the story of our mascot goes like this: a freshman was hit by static electricity while fixing a satellite on the football field, entangling him in “cyber-athletic” forces that mutated him into a superhuman with both athletic and academic prowess. This story takes the Flash’s (Barry Allen from DC universe) backstory and shifts it to TU, replacing forensic science with school and speed with overall athleticism.

Overall, Captain Cane’s story is a cute one, perfectly fit for our superhero-obsessed time. But in that way, it’s also an oversaturated cultural phenomena, when instead the university could distinguish itself with an uncommon mascot.

The potential replacement? A ship captain. Whenever hurricane sirens go off during games, such a mascot could start off the warning. He could even keep the sword, shifting from lightning to a normal blade.

With this mascot, the university could expand its musical revenue to more pirate or nautical-themed music, and emphasize the idea of having competitors “walk the plank.” Doing the wave would also make more sense during games. Goldie could also drive out on a golf cart decked out as a boat, which would be cute.

Right now, however, changing mascots might be a little impractical. Changing the mascot would not only involve a new costume, but changes to marketing and branding for many products like the shuttles. With the budget as it is, this change is low on the list of priorities but hopefully something the university will keep in mind.

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