Kanye West is off the rails again with no sign of slowing down

Kanye West is once again proving his chaotic, unpredictable nature after his recent controversies

Kanye West may have legal action taken against him after his recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast. During his time on air, West suggested that George Floyd’s death was solely due to his drug use and not caused by former officer Derek Chauvin, who has since been convicted of murder for kneeling on Floyd’s neck. West’s false claim regarding the matter has gathered an abundance of public backlash through Twitter, where he is being shunned for the antisemitic things he said. Along with these repercussions, he also faces a possible lawsuit from Floyd’s family, who is considering suing West.

Making such bold and dishonest claims in the public eye drastically undermines the countless protests against police brutality and systemic racism that have surged since Floyd’s death.

It is no secret that West has become an extremely controversial figure, even more so in recent years. He is well known for using his social media presence as a platform to display his wildly unhinged rants and unpopular opinions.

In a 2018 TMZ interview, West abruptly suggested that slavery was a choice. This is generally the first instance people think of when it comes to West’s string of controversies due to the amount of surprise and retaliation this sparked in the media. Soon after the public became aware of his statement, West jumped to Twitter to fiercely stand behind his words. Instead of taking accountability and producing any kind of apology, he unfortunately did no more than defend his inexcusable views.

In 2021, during the separation from his wife, Kim Kardashian, West made many posts in which he degraded Kardashian as a person and a mother. West has continuously brought his children into the public eye by judging the way in which Kardashian has cared for their children, along with him making many other distasteful comments regarding her. It appears that he has done all he can to maximize the public pressure placed upon the mother of his children. West’s comments and his general refusal of their separation have sparked many to question his sanity.

Fortunately, both West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have just been restricted in October of this year. This came about after his display of antisemitic rants online, where he enacted several verbal attacks on the Jewish community through his posts and tweets. With West’s antisemitism recently coming to light, it is reassuring to hear about his removal of power through social media.

If you ask me, West has used his platform to gain popularity for the wrong reasons. The things people say hold power, and it is extremely refreshing to see West being held accountable for the hate speech he chooses to spread.

After being restricted many times from popular social media platforms, West has moved his attention to the conservative social media app Parler. This seems to bring about the unfortunate realization that you can generally do what you want when you are famous. Masquerading his blatant hate as freedom of speech, West has made plans to acquire Parler in order to continue sharing his controversial views while remaining uncensored.

Post Author: Maddy COx