Kendall Hall bathrooms: A follow-up

Last semester I wrote an article about the mess that was the Kendall Hall bathrooms. Appearance-wise it was a disaster, and the plumbing was severely outdated. In response, I received an email from the manager of maintenance and construction detailing how they had been previously informed on the issue, and how the bathrooms would be receiving major repairs over the summer. In the meantime, they were willing to fix the visible damages, including the stalls. Of course I was ecstatic, and a few weeks later, they followed up on the promise they claimed.

The stalls were replaced/repainted, and the walls’ borders had been fixed as well. The plumbing wasn’t solved, but the email made me hopeful that it would be in the future. The article, as well as the voices of many, brought to life such an important issue. With the election coming up soon, it seems vital to mention that there’s a call to action, not only politically, but also in everyday life.

Several students had been vocal about the problem at hand. Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media sites housed photos, from both TU students and alumni, of the bathrooms. They were unafraid to stand for an issue they had with the university, and that should be something everyone strives for. It can be said that when students stand up and declare concerns at this university, their voices can be heard.

Does that mean they’ll always get the answers they want? Of course not, because at the end of the day, the administration still has the right to say no. Even so, with the amount of money being poured into this school, it’s still extremely important to at least try. Students are the ones paying to go to school here, so the school will have to listen if enough of us speak up.

I was asked by someone to write the Kendall article, and I was very hesitant because I didn’t know whether or not it would get me in trouble. I don’t care for complaining, but it was desperately needed, so I said yes. It’s okay to be scared to make a decision, but knowing that others support the same problems you see makes the decision so much easier. With the amount I, along with other people, have to pay to attend this university, it’s not only a choice but a necessity to raise concern over situations like this.

Overall, the bathrooms aren’t perfect, and there’s still work to be done, but progress has been made. It’s the student’s duty to keep the ball rolling. Write letters, use social media, do everything it takes to let the student body’s voice be heard. From Hardesty to Kep, this school is our home, so let’s not hesitate to take care of it.

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