Know your candidates: Oklahoma midterm elections 2018

Use the following brief descriptions to inform your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Election day is almost here. Staring down at a ballot full of unfamiliar names is difficult. Take five minutes to read through this list for a run-down on this election’s candidates.

Drew Edmondson (D) – Edmondson served in the Navy and was Oklahoma’s Attorney General for 16 years. His three major concerns, as listed on his website, are fixing Oklahoma schools, repairing the government’s budget and “cutting special tax breaks for oil and gas corporations.”

Kevin Stitt (R) – Stitt started his own mortgage company and is now a successful businessman. According to his website, he upholds popular conservative values, including the right to bear arms. If elected, Stitt plans on reforming the government’s budget, changing the education system and promoting agriculture production.

Chris Powell (L) – Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, Powell has served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Some of the issues he is concerned about include consolidating agencies to reduce government spending, defending the Second Amendment and decriminalizing cannabis. As stated on his website, he also plans on reducing the incarceration rate by only imprisoning people “who pose a genuine threat to the public.”

U.S. House District 01
Tim Gilpin (D) – Gilpin is an attorney as well as a former member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education. He has volunteered with several organizations in Tulsa. According to his website, Gilpin’s law practice “focuses on workers’ rights, fair employment, and consumer advocacy.” He opposes President Trump’s stance on immigration and wants to improve the Affordable Care Act.

Kevin Hern (R) – Hern is a businessman with conservative values. He stated on his website that he will “lead the way in Washington on pro-life issues” and that marriage should only be “between one man and one woman.” He is in favor of stricter immigration laws and wants to develop a more secure border.

Attorney General
Mark Myles (D) – Myles is an independent practicing attorney in OKC. According to his website, his “number one priority [is to] keep Oklahomans and their families safe and secure.” He aims to work with local law enforcement and reform the criminal justice system so it is more cost effective. He also wants to focus on the opioid epidemic by increasing rehabilitation programs.

Mike Hunter (R) – Hunter used to be an energy and real estate lawyer for a private practice. His website states he “served six years as a Republican member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.” On Feb. 20, 2017, he was appointed as Oklahoma Attorney General. He is concerned with protecting Oklahoma consumers and children, as well as religious values. He also wants to “crack down on opioid abuse” by creating “stronger laws” and educating citizens on drug abuse and prevention.

The information included for each candidate only covers some of the issues they care about and what they plan to do if elected. Taking a further look at their websites can help you determine who to vote for.

Post Author: Hana Saad