Letter from the editors

The Collegian editorial staff wants to clarify our policies, particularly as they pertain to the commentary section of our publication. As per our published guidelines, available in our staff box with each issue, all opinions printed reflect the opinions of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone on The Collegian’s staff or The University of Tulsa. We strive to provide correct factual information and make clear the distinction between statements of fact and of opinion in our proofreading and editing process. While we strive to represent a diverse array of opinions in our commentary section, we always reserve the right to edit where we see fit, including but not limited to preserving the accuracy of statements of fact, bolstering the structure of an argument presented, and clarifying statements of opinion. At any point we may refuse to publish any submission for any reason. These reasons may include but are not limited to libel, factually inaccurate statements, potentially dangerous content or hate speech and reserving an article for future publication. We do occasionally fail to vet all incorrect information, and in such a case we publish corrections available in the next publication as well as with the amended articles on our website. While we do not always share the opinions that we publish, our staff fully stands by the right of publication for each submission that we do publish and only remove articles from online publication in extreme and rare situations. Each week, student writers submit their articles to their respective section editors, who read every submitted article; after this, the editor-in-chief, managing editor and copy editor each read the text for grammar, style and structure. Because of this, the staff wishes to make clear that opinions published in each section (with the exception of the news section which contains objective coverage without opinion) have not only been vetted by their respective section editors, but also by the editor-in-chief and managing editor.

As such, anyone who has concerns about the content of articles, whether it be with the factual accuracy or opinions presented in any article, should write to tucollegian@tucollegian.org rather than reaching out to individual writers. The staff will work to address concerns about published content through this avenue.

Post Author: Zach Short