“Immigrantly” is hosted and produced by Saadia Khan. courtesy Immigrantly Podcast LLC

Listen to candid immigrant conversations in “Immigrantly”

A podcast about immigrant experiences, “Immigrantly” offers new perspectives and personal stories.

“Immigrantly” has been on my regular rotation of podcasts lately and it never fails to educate and inspire me. The producer and host of the podcast, Saadia Khan, works alongside seven other women of color to create a series that is packed with rich conversations and special episodes covering key historical events that impacted immigrants and their second-generation children across the globe.

The podcast’s website shares that they aim to “deconstruct stereotypical narratives of immigrants, their second-generation kids, people of color and change-makers with cross-cultural, nuanced conversations.” “Immigrantly” definitely accomplishes that goal.

As the daughter of an immigrant, I find that some of these episodes are quite relatable. Other episodes help me understand the broader landscape that immigrants from different countries have to face as they navigate new cultures and socio-political environments.

The fact that these episodes center around conversations makes them highly personal. It is easier to be empathetic to the struggles someone else faces when people can understand their perspective through a more personal lens. This empathetic approach is clear in each episode.

The episodes strike the right balance of seriousness and light-heartedness. Some episodes can be more intense, but always cover the reality of the situation. The guests are given a safe space to breathe, share their stories and experiences and talk about topics, issues and movements that are important to them.

Not only are these episodes informative and eye-opening, but they are also really fun! The conversations range from a variety of topics, as Khan talks to somebody new each time. Her guests range from professors to chefs to scientists. For those who love to learn, this show does not disappoint.

In season 10, there was a great conversation with Sweta Chakraborty, a scientist and activist, in an episode titled “Equal Hope for the Future.” Khan and Chakraborty talk about climate change and the ways to best communicate the urgency of climate threats to different communities. They cover sociology, science and psychology and how they come together to support the work Chakraborty is doing.

Khan is a great host who comes to the table with respect for her guests. She listens just as much as she asks thoughtful questions. Her style is measured and calm, which gives more room to the guest to share their thoughts and opinions, as well as a chance for the readers to take in the conversation.

There are myriad episodes to explore. If you are an immigrant or related to immigrants, these episodes are incredibly meaningful. Even if you aren’t, there is something for everyone since the show covers a variety of topics from different guests. It’s a good thing to be exposed to stories you might have not considered learning much about before.

These conversations break down barriers and offer new perspectives of recent immigrants from countries outside of the United States. Such perspectives are needed as representation of immigrants in the news and mainstream media is often confining and offensive. “Immigrantly” strives to create a space where new stories can be told.

This podcast is available on all streaming platforms.

Post Author: Hana Saad