Local stores closing, students to blame?

On the last day of 2016, Business Insider reported that several well known “retailers are bracing for a fresh wave of store closures at the start of the new year.”

The article also speculated, “the industry is heading into 2017 with a glut of store space as shopping continues to shift online and foot traffic to malls declines.” Two prominent department store chains are closing their Tulsa branches. Macy’s department store in the Promenade Mall and the Sears on 1901 S Yale Ave have both closed.

According to an NBC report on Jan 5, “Macy’s and Sears detailed massive closure plans … shutting more than 200 locations and shedding 10,000 jobs across the country.”

In response to the claim about the shift to online shopping, we interviewed a few of our fellow students about their shopping habits.

Freshman Avery Roper said, “I do most of my shopping online because it is convenient, so I don’t have to leave campus. Also, I can find things cheaper online most of the time.” Freshman Megan Sinik shops online because, “normally I know when there are sales online, but not necessarily in the store. Also, it is more organized and easier to compare prices.” Several other students gave similar responses.

However, not everyone preferred to shop online. Freshman Sydney Allison shops both online and in local stores because, “I love actually seeing and feeling the clothes I buy.”

Only one respondent, Freshman Saranya Varasnasi, said she prefered department stores because, “buying things like clothes, shoes, etc. online makes me nervous.”

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