Mad prophet preaches about margarita machine at the Hut

A strange character has been seen roaming around ACAC late at night these past few weeks and he apparently has a message for the student body.

Sightings began around two weeks ago. “I first noticed he was unusual because of his clothes,” explained Sandra Costello, a frequent Hurricane Hut patron. “He was wearing a brown bath robe with black slacks and penny loafers. But the weirdest thing of all was that he was carrying a huge margarita glass, like the thing had to be 120oz.” Sandra heard the man babbling but did not get close enough to make out any of the words.

The State-Run was able to make contact with this individual late one night. He was wearing exactly the same outfit as was mentioned before.

When asked what he was doing here, the man replied, “The end is near. The battle is almost over.”

After being questioned further, he elaborated, “The machine of margaritas, soon to reach the promised land. The land of HUT. Make good with your God for paradise is nearly upon us. The true believers will be rewarded.”

At this time the State-Run Media is unable to confirm or deny any rumors of a margarita machine coming to the Hut.

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